How do I improve my patience and conceal all my sentiments and emotions after 10 years as Serena's personal guard? I couldn't have that. That is not permissible for a zeta. My father often tells me that I will inherit his estate. I shall be his heir, the one who will lead the crimson blood pack soldiers. I need to develop the ability to conceal my feelings.

I'll admit that there were times when I faltered...the sole reason for this was this brat girl who constantly evaded my protection.

How many times have I warned her not to leave the manor grounds? Nonetheless, a hard-headed person would remain that way indefinitely.

I inhaled deeply. I was considering how much better it would be to come to the war zone than to be a guard for this obnoxious princess.

I close my eyes in order to keep my temper in check. Nonetheless, as I open my eyes, a lightning arrow flies past them, aiming straight for the princess.

As I watched the princess tumble to the ground, my eyes were wide open.

In an instant, I dashed toward her.

“Princess!” I noticed a wound near the shoulder on her right arm. Her blood was pouring with a royal tinge. She bears a resemblance to the first clan. While the second blood near the first clan was not as red as mine, it was almost orange-red. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be in pain.

“Serena!” I scream, and she gradually opens her eyes.

"What was that expression on your face, Killian?" You appear to be terrified. "

I clench my teeth. Serena has always acted in this manner whenever she has been harmed.

When she was younger, she enjoyed running around, and as her guard, I was obligated to follow her around, but she was a clumsy child despite her tough exterior, and she constantly ended up getting hurt. Every time she was harmed, her father blamed me. being penalized for their low stature. Additionally, she was unaware of it. Perhaps it is why she continues to do so. I have my doubts that she will cease even if she is aware of it. I'm aware that she delights in seeing me in pain.

That is why I despised her more and more each day. However, at this point, my fury dissipated completely. I'm not sure if that was due to my rapid heartbeat or what.

I was going to pick her up when I heard footsteps all around. I instantly wrapped our shawl around us to conceal our faces. If they recognized us as the group's first high rank, if they were a rogue, they would very certainly kill us instantly. Additionally, the princess... Only a select few red blood clans are aware of her actual identity. I'm not sure what would happen if this individual knew. It was fortunate that she was dressed in a royal blue gown. It conceals her bloodstain, and I wrap her in her coat. even if I was aware that her wounds will heal in a matter of hours. Nonetheless, I continue to cover it.

I must maintain vigilance. Serena was accompanying me. That is something I must have in mind.

Yet how could I possibly help her if the attackers were a gang of rogues hell-bent on vengeance?

There were those seeking justice, those who had lost family members in conflict. The ones who refused to accept assistance from their leader and instead blamed the Alpha.

Finally, we apprehended a wealthy individual. I suppose your family would give us a ton of gold to save the two of you.

I drew my blade and blocked Serena, who was unconscious on the ground.

However, I was taken aback when the entire area was surrounded by a swarm of rogues.

I'm curious as to how they got within our boundary. I assumed there were numerous soldiers stationed at each corner of our perimeter.

"Don't come near us!" I screamed. The elderly gentleman's gray long hair, pulled back in a ponytail, moved up and down with each step he took. Nonetheless, one of the assailants wags his firearm. I parried his sword strike and then swung my sword.

My sword's blade came dangerously close to severing the opponent's neck. I walk quicker, but the rogue's other companion arrives out of nowhere.

"You're good for a young man like you," the old man observed.

"Who the hell are you, people?" I inquired as I aimed my firearm at them. At the time, I was aware they were rogue, but I wanted to divert their attention in order to gain some time. By now, I'm sure the other soldier has learned about their fallen buddy who is defending the perimeter.

Put an end to your struggle if you want this adorable little head to survive.

When I looked back, I noticed a man brandishing his sword at Serena.

With that sneer on his face, I know he was not lying. If Serena is injured, the alpha will be enraged and will question if these people will do more harm to Serena. My entire family would be at risk. However, if we accompany them, there is a slim chance that we will escape with them.

Nonetheless, I suppose I have little alternative but to accompany them.

I advance approach Serena.

"We will arrive, but do not touch her. Allow me to carry her. If you refuse, I will be forced to fight till I die, " I stated, then positioned myself to battle. Naturally, I was bluffing. I am not insane enough to allow them to harm Serena. Not in all ways.

"Faster, we don't have any time in the world, young man."

That was the elderly gentleman. I intended to proceed slowly, but I'm guessing they wouldn't let it. They may have succeeded in taking Serena from my arms, which I will not allow.

After approximately an hour of walking, we came to a stop in front of a massive mountain. This location was well-known as a dangerous mountain due to the presence of numerous lethal creatures, which was one of the reasons our location was gradually losing food.

I'm not sure what we're doing in this sort of location. Will they allow us to eat the wild animals here?

Someone greeted us at the mountain's base. They were dressed in animal skin material. Their features were completely covered in black paint, and their eyes were frightening when they looked at us.

We are in grave danger... 

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