6_ twin


We came to a halt in front of the basic house; it was large, certainly, but it lacked a superior structure; it was simply a wooden structure. This, I suppose, is their packhouse.

Though this is not the case with other rogue houses who have dispersed over our realm.

They hauled me inside. Serena was still in my arms.

They were forcing me away, and I nearly dropped Serena as a result.

"fuck" I scream as I glare at the man who shoved me. Nonetheless, they disregard me.

We came to a halt in the center of the living room, and I searched my eyes. There was a second level; wooden stairs led to it from the side of the house, where a large artwork of a wolf can be seen.

If someone were to visit this house, they would believe it was a basic house that anyone could own...

However, as a renegade location, I couldn't picture living in peace here.

"put the lady on the sofa"

One of the gentlemen stated. Nonetheless, I hesitate.

"Are you hard of hearing? "Put the girl down," a man's croaky voice filled the room. My eyes instantly scan the area in search of the source of the voice. Because it sounds so reassuringly familiar. Where did that voice reappear?

"Kyzer, I believe we've caught a large fish now; did you notice how lovely their dress is?"

That was the old man, one of the kidnappers.

"I can see Sultan; he is not small; he is enormous. You may all depart now and allow me to deal with them."

The gentleman on the stairwell stated. I stare at him intensely as I walk away, oblivious to the others around me.

I gasped louder as I noticed a man descending slowly from the top of the stair.

For a brief minute, I felt as if my entire world had frozen. I needed to put Serena down if I wasn't going to drop her.

My feet wobbled and began to shake gradually. I carefully lowered Serena onto the couch and then faced the man once more.

From his golden eyes, nose, and mouth, the man who is identical to me from head to toe. Though he is slightly slimmer than I, no one can tell which is which.

I carefully remove my hood, which causes the man who is identical to me to immediately halt walking down the steps. You can see from his eyes that he, like me, was afraid but chose to conceal it.

"Who the devil do you think you are?" The gentleman inquires, and I grit my teeth.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Why are you so resembling me?" I respond by taking a step backward. I was horrified as I looked at the guy, his face revealing just how taken aback I was. There are numerous questions racing through my mind at the moment that I am unable to articulate.

"Were you Killian?" Finally, one of us broke the silence.

I swallow deeply; does he recognize me?

"Were you my twin?" My eyes widened as I wondered what the devil he was proclaiming.

“What are you saying? I am not a twin, damn it!" I erupted.

"However, if you were not believing, how would you refer to me?" What about us? Who exactly resembles whom?"

While he was saying it, the guy was amused. His fearful face had vanished, and he appears to be at ease again.

I make an attempt to look at every angle that might provide an explanation for what occurred. Perhaps this is a case of witchcraft or something similar. I'm not prepared to simply accept what he was saying. He cannot deceive me...

That was the narrative he desired to believe. However, the truth is that his heart was racing.

The gentleman continues down the stairwell.

"All right, let me tell you this story and then you decide whether or not to believe it. Prior to that, I'd like to express my joy that you're still alive. You know, for years, I believed I was the sole survivor of our family following our mother's death a few years ago. She is constantly telling me the story of our family."

My head shook.

"No, I'm not interested in hearing it; you were not my brother, and your mother was not my mother; therefore, I'm not interested in hearing your story."

The guy laughs, a sarcastic laugh.

“Why? because you don't want to end the fairytale life you're now living? That you don't want to hear that perhaps the family you thought was yours was actually lying right in front of your nose? That they used you as a pawn? on the other hand, they were teasing you."

I shook my head once more, refusing to believe it!

Nonetheless, everything he stated made logic. We do not share the same face in vain. It provides an explanation for everything. It must be...

The gentleman sat on the lone sofa.

"Is this a picture of your girlfriend?" She is lovely."

The gentleman stated,

He was on the verge of touching her, so I shouted and dashed forward to shove him away.

"Refrain from touching her!" I stated as I took a deep breath.

"Oh, my twin was quite the jealous kind, wasn't he? My name is Kyzer, by the way. Our mother gave me my name, while our father gave you yours. I'm sorry; I neglected to mention that you have no idea. Not to worry; from now on, you may ask me anything regarding our family."

The gentleman rose to his feet.

"I would release you since I am aware that you would return for additional information. You may now proceed with your girl as if nothing had happened, Killian. I'm hoping to see you soon. Kindly return. I yearn for you, brother."

Is this correct? Is it possible that I overheard him remark that he's letting us go? tsk, did he believe I would return following this? How certain is he?

"Stop speculating, Killian; I am not joking." By the way, our parents' names were Zoe and Kevin. You may look them up in your palace's book of records. And perhaps what you read in the book of records was not true. If you're willing to learn the truth, you know where to find me. It's good to see you, brother." 

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