8_ the beta's son


Following the man's abrupt departure, the man who claimed me as his twin.

With my hazy and scattered thoughts, I hadn't realized how I'd arrived at this location. Despite all the thoughts racing through my mind, I am still tightly clutching Serena in my arms.

As we approach Serena's favorite location, which was previously my private location when I was younger, it has become my most despised location as a result of this princess. I am greeted by a powerful punch from the alpha, which suddenly brings me back to reality. My footprint is left on the ground as I attempt to remain still.

I initially checked to see if the alpha's horse that Serena stole was still there. I was surprised that the alpha and the battalion were already waiting here. Perhaps the perimeter guards immediately alerted the other, as I was expecting. I remain immobile following that hit, not because I am stronger than the alpha, but out of fear of dropping Serena. I'm sure that wasn't the only thing I could obtain if Serena ever fell. With the outrage feeling of the alpha, I doubt if he could forgive me if I let Serena fall.

"Killian, what happened this time! Why has my daughter been harmed! don't try to lie, I see the drop of her blood through the ground!"

I swallowed before replied, "I'm sorry alpha; you know that I never lie to you; I always tell you everything about Serena's. It is my fault; I believed she was already asleep when I left the palace, and I swear that the other guard (Joshaque, the son of our clan's other Zeta) was already there when I left. I followed the princess into the woods after seeing her, and a rogue attacked us." I pause for a second as I recall the man's name Kyzer; I'm not about to lie to our alpha, but I have a deeper reason; after all, he didn't ask if I recognized them or knew where they could be, correct?

I take a deep breath...

That would have been true yesterday night if Adriana (the beta's daughter) hadn't chatted with me for a while before I headed home. I won't see Serena drive Phoenix through the woods. I know immediately that the hard-headed princess stole the alpha's horse, but I wouldn't tell the alpha; if he knows his daughter well, he already knows.

Sighs the alpha... "Let's go, she needs to rest," The alpha stated, his tone becoming more even as I explained. Apart from me and the son of the second zeta, he couldn't locate any guard for his hard-headed princess in whom he could place his trust.

"from now on you would stay inside of the princess room while guarding her. However, take care not to intrude on her personal space; instead, monitor her more closely. I don't want this to happen again. I wish I could punish you with more than a punch, but because you did not drop the princess, I know you went to great lengths to protect her, and your punishment was to watch my daughter twenty-four hours a day for three days alone. Because I am aware that it is all Joshaque's fault for failing to perform his duties properly. He must be grateful to you, as I would not be accountable for my actions if something happened to my daughter. By the way, his sentence was more severe and would last three days. Therefore, you must suffer Serena alone for days."

The alpha stated, and I even heard Luna oppose the alpha's choice, but I believe that it is better than being in Joshaque's position now.

I glanced at the wicked princess in my arms; her black hair was strewn about and her emerald eyes were close, yet she was still excruciatingly beautiful, the most poisonous beauty in the underworld.

I grit my teeth, thinking how much I despise this princess if I can hurl this brat right now without encountering any difficulty when I do that in an eyeblink.

"Killian! I'm enquiring as to whether this is OK to you. If not, then perhaps I should devise another method of punishing you."

My eyes are wide open in anticipation of what I hear. I shook my head and stated. "I'm ok with it alpha, it's ok."

I stated panickedly, and the alpha cocked his head gravely before turning around.

I exhaled a relieved sigh.

After I transferred the princess through her room, the alpha instructed me to contact a physician; I nodded and within minutes, I was with the physician; she examined the princess and I waited outside.

After the physician had completed her duties. I only inquired for a time about the brat's well-being, and when she stated that the princess was OK now, she bid her goodbyes. I entered the room only to discover Serena was not there. Fuck! Where is that devilish young lady heading!

I opened the closet and library room doors, but she was nowhere to be seen. Fuck that girl; does she truly intend to ruin my life! I pushed my fingers through my hair in frustration, then noticed the bathroom door and opened it immediately. However, the first thing I noticed was her nearly bare figure. FUCK! FUCK!

In my head, I keep repeating. I almost forget what I was doing there; it's almost as if I'm suffering from short-term memory loss.

My recollection was brought back to the present by her shout. I shut the door instantly, felt as if someone had smacked me in the head, and then noticed a soap in the ground. Is that what that brat smacked me with?

I'm still not over her figure until she steps out of her bathroom naked once more fuck this! I've been screwed! I am damned!

She shouted again, this time even louder, as if she might draw my soul into a deep, hot hell from where I believe I came, as I felt the temperature plummet into the hundreds of degrees.

I attempted to regain my composure. When I did it, my initial defense strategy was to demonstrate to her that I had no intention of harming her, which is true. Seeing her naked body does not change the fact that I might enjoy her, as she has already done a great deal of harm to me.

We dispute once more as she enters her closet. While I acknowledge she was lovely, her razor-sharp lips constantly reminds me that she was the most stubborn woman I've ever met.

However, as I stood in the corner of the dining hall listening to their dinner talks with the beta's family, I couldn't help but feel a little irrational knowing that Serena would marry the beta's son.

My annoyance continues until I accompany the princess to her room with Alonzo (the son of the beta)

They came to a halt in front of Serena's door before the brat raised his eyes to mine.

"Stay here, me and Alonzo need some time"

I clasped my arms to my chest in response to the brat's order.

"That won't ever happen to the alpha..."

When she covered my lips, I hadn't finished what I was saying.

"Ok fine if you wanna watch some like intimate show then ok it's your choice,"

She stated solemnly, and I gritted my teeth in frustration. This chick wants me to push myself to the brink!

"Are you saying that you and that man?" I stared at Alonzo; in fact, I despised this man for his arrogance; if his father had not been a beta, he would have been nothing. He was a crazy for life, grinning from ear to ear. I'm sure he relished the prospect of being alone with this brat. 

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