9_ teasing


Naturally, I was joking when I said intimate matters. That would never occur. Alonzo was simply a friend to me. But it was the way Killian pushed himself to comply with my father's command that irritated me the most.

I stomped fiercely as I approached my chamber. I'm sick of his present! Apart from that, I need to speak with this beta's son, and Killian should be kept out of the loop regarding what I would say to Alonzo.

However, before I could enter my room, Adriana, Alonzo's oldest sister, appeared striding and swaying her hips with a slight hair flip and her bitch smile on display.

Adriana said, "Hey brother," and bowed in front of me. Even though I am aware that she does not wish to do so, I have known for a long time that she despises me just because Killian was my guard. I'm aware that she adores my obnoxious creature guard. Nonetheless, the man's gaze was perpetually fixed on me. Although it is not because he likes me, but because he is unable to keep his gaze away from me.

I sigh with boredom.

In front of the guy she likes, a bitch disguises herself as a naive woman. But the most vexing thing is that this moron has no idea! and he even made eye contact with the girl.

"The Luna Astrid requested me assistance because she recognizes your need for rest. If your body is weary, it may have an effect on your performance. Knowing this little princess, as always, has a lot on her plate."

Adriana cocked her head toward me, and her smile mocked me. I came dangerously close to strangling the woman's throat. While I am aware that what she said had a double meaning, perhaps Alonzo noticed my clenching fist and grabbed my wrist, dragging me inside the room. As we entered, I heard Killian laughing at the bitch's remark.

I slam the door shut immediately; if he wants to be with the girl, fine; they can be together as if I'm not watching! After we entered my bedroom, Alonzo laughed.

"Are you joking?" I stated angrily, blazing my large green eyes at him, but the dimwit continued to giggle. I was on the verge of hitting him for that.

"If you don't stop, I swear all my annoyance with your sister will be directed at you.

When he saw that I was about to burst, he raised his hands in surrender.

"ok... ok... I will stop now your highness"

Alonzo was my only friend in this kingdom and even at school, not because he was the only person who knew my true identity inside the school, except from the guards assigned by my father in each classroom room. That is one of the ways my father is too protective of me. The entire school believes that the alpha was solely concerned about the student's safety, but the truth is that the guards were for me.

Since we were children, Alonzo has been the only one who witnesses my anguish whenever my father locks me in this enormous chamber that appears to be a dungeon to me. I understand that my parents adore me and do not want me to be harmed. Nonetheless, I believe that it was occasionally excessive.

Alonzo was constantly there for me, making me laugh and keeping me occupied. Each time Killian injures me with a sharper word. Alonzo is well aware of how difficult it is to like that man. Fortunately, I had already overcome my affections for him. Alonzo and I have been too close since we met in first grade; he knows me and has always been there for me, which may be why my parents chose him to be my fiance. Even if they are aware that I will eventually meet my mate.

I scowl at him even harder as I recall why I brought him here to my room.

Alonzo regarded me with bemusement.

"Why do you don't even protest earlier?"

I grit my teeth as he chuckled.

"protest? "To what?" inquired the dimwit innocently. As a result, I struck him instantly.

"Oh, I was joking, of course, I recall it's just... you didn't object, so I'm assuming you enjoy it as well. LOL..."

To relax my nerves, I inhale a lot of air. I was about to lose my patience, and if I didn't pause for a second, I swear I could have killed this man.

"As you know, Alonzo, we were just friends, and who knows, maybe we'll meet our mate someday!" What would occur?"

I sighed as I threw myself into my bed.

Alonzo follows and lays next me, then leans on me.

"don't tell me that you are still hoping that Killian would be your mate?" Alonzo tickles my waist, the most delicate area of my body. Of course, he is aware of this. He is not my best friend by accident.

"stop it, Alonzo, I'm not!"

While thinking about Killian, I mentioned that he was now twenty-seven years old but I had never heard that he had already found his partner. Perhaps his companion was still too young? So they're still evading detection?

"I was thinking about how Killian had yet to find his mate despite the fact that he was nearly twenty-seven. What if his mate was still too young? Is that why he hasn't located her yet? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I immediately cover Alonzo's lips, because I know what is about to come out of his filthy mouth.


Alonzo attempted to speak; he was giggling as he struggled. I am aware that he is capable of effortlessly removing my hands, and thus I ride on top of him.

He was grinning. His hand was on my hands, but he made no attempt to withdraw it. He continued to tease and tickle me.

While I was still thrusting my hands through his mouth, I was on the top of his chest.


"Put an end to it, Alonzo I'm not interested in hearing it!"

"What is happening here!"

Killian's thunderous voice filled my room, and I was taken aback. I couldn't see his reaction because the door was behind me.

Alonzo raised his body while I remained on top of him.

When I saw Killian's blade pointed at Alonzo's neck, I swallowed.

"Put Serena down or else this sword would be buried to your neck" 

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