11_ forget


I caught a glimpse of Killian's back as he walked away. I was stressed as a result of what had occurred. Alonzo went out. I suppose my father asked him to be at that said meeting too, though I still need to talk to him, yet I think maybe that was better than to be teased by him. All night long, until he thought about going back home.

Adriana exited the room after my father requested it.

I groan, knowing that with those piercing eyes, I'm doomed.

"With just a short period of time, you manage to give me too much headache young lady!"

Before I look at my father again, I close my eyes.

"Please accept my apologies, father; I swear I didn't mean it. As Adriana stated, I simply fell."

"Serena, your mother was too worried about you, when would you act like a responsible one huh?"

I lowered my head and apologized once more. Other than that, there was nothing I could do. This conversation w
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