Days passed without seeing or hearing from Esther. Maybe, my interpretation of her visits were wrong. She perhaps just wanted to be a friend to a college graduate to learn from him. If she was really in love, she wouldn’t be able to stay away without seeing the one her heart desired. 


Or, women love differently? Men become restless when they don’t see or hear from a woman they love. It could be also, as  I suspected earlier, that, she was just being pushed by grandma and Esther’s mum to me. If that was the whole truth, then, she wasn’t in love. 


And what about grandma’s superstitious predictions about us? I didn’t believe it, so why even think about that?


Though a thought about her flashed my mind once in a while, I had no urge to look or find out about her. Nothing moved me. The only thing that lingered on my mind when I thought about her once in awhile was her ca

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