Princess of the Night and Prince of the Day
Princess of the Night and Prince of the Day
Author: Aurielle Lin


I am not a human. I am—I am different. I am a princess. But I am not a fairy-tale princess because, in fairy tales, other children and little animals love them, aren’t they? Me? They hide from me. I know I scare them. Even though I am stupid, I know that much. Kannax tells me all the time that I am the dumbest and ugliest among father’s children. 

I turned 10 years old last month. Ever since then, I had thought my mother would let me go out together with her; as I was not that young anymore. Instead, I was scolded. I did not give up though. Yesterday, when no one was looking, I hid in a cart that would go out of the palace grounds. It was easier than I thought. At least that’s what I thought on the way out.  

I’ve never stepped foot in the outside world and I’ve never seen human children. Small giggles and shouts led me to two girls and one boy on the street full of rickety buildings. They were around my age. Although their clothes were dirty, unlike mine, they were running and laughing as if they were really happy.

It compelled me to join them in whatever they were doing. Instead, I watched them at the side of a building because I was not sure they would like me. After a while, I stepped out of the shadow. I thought I would greet them anyway, secretly wishing I’d become friends with them. They spotted me then.


They suddenly halted to a stop. Their eyes widened. And they all ran away screaming ‘demon’. I did not understand why they shouted ‘demon’ because I was not one, wasn’t I? And, they looked so frightened. I did not know why tears welled up in my eyes, running in the opposite direction. I did not even think to fly; instead, I headed to the dark alleyway where I was a moment before. 

Suddenly, boney fingers grabbed my arm from the shadow. I was forced to turn back to find an old human lady – she was so thin, skin and bones, wearing a tattered cloak, her wrinkled face almost hidden under the hood. "She is not what she looks like," she muttered to herself. I did not know what she was talking about. With unexpected quickness, she raised her hands and pressed my temples with her bony fingers. 

With a trembling voice, the old woman whispered, "The harbinger of death,” while staring into my eyes. She scared me, making me forget my sadness.

"Your deception will be your demise." I was stupidly listening. She stopped and when I thought her business had ended, she continued. "Your truth will bring ruination. Beware of the man with suns in his eyes."

She removed her fingers from my temples, and then said in a not-so-trembling voice, "I am the most powerful witch in this kingdom and now I have read your prophecy.”

She looked at me up and down with appraising eyes. I backed away from her. “You owe me 50 arjents. Take out your purse, girl."

I backed up a few steps and replied nervously, "I don't have 50 arjents." It was the truth. They did not give me that amount of money. It was unnecessary, mother had told me since I never had to buy anything for myself.  

She looked disbelieved. "Then give me all you have.”


"Are you stupid? Because I read your prophecy! Humans might be scared of demons, but you are only a baby. " She sounded outright mean, like a different person. And why was she calling me a demon like those children did? Even since I knew how to speak, I had to learn that we were gods, the most superior species or something like that, they had told me. 

The old lady robbed me of all my money but still eyed the ring I was wearing. She must be what adults called ‘charlatan’. I bet she was no sort of witch.

I better stop thinking about what happened yesterday. I think that was yesterday or is this still the same day? It’s cold and dark in here, and I am so hungry that I think I might even drink human blood if they give me. I am being punished for sneaking out by my father. I sometimes wonder if he hates me, especially now I wonder about that. 

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