Chapter 5

One hour ago…

He saw the sunlight for the first time since he has gotten conscious chained to the wall. The demons pulled him at his hardest by the chains; although it would not make any difference to him, they never stop trying. He was aware of that everyone was staring at him as if some kind of exotic creature. There was something different about him, other than just his apparent features.

A bustling place, a cobbled street with stalls and shops everywhere in his line of sight, with demons busy coming and going and also humans; the difference was most of the humans were in chains like him. Some were being either whipped or beaten. What a disgusting place this was.

The voice coming from his right interrupted his trail of thoughts. “Don’t be so happy yet,” taunts the demon, “We will be waiting for you, pretty boy, when she doesn’t want you anymore.” The other two demons howl as if this was some kind of inside joke he wouldn’t understand. What a nuisance.

A carriage with an iron cage was waiting for him; they were drawn by strange creatures that have humanoid bodies, hunching and eyeing for passersby as if their meat, and twisted faces with big ears, and bony wings.

And there was that demon girl, a princess they said, standing by the side of the carriage which would transport him to her place inside the cage as if he was some animal. She must be just like other demons, so it seemed to him, buying slaves and treating them as mindless properties. Maybe she needed some lessons about kindness and equality, and maybe he would teach her if he had the chance in the future. He could not deny that she was quite alluring.

He did not bother attempting to escape; it would be pointless at this point. He decided he had to bide his time. She was giving him full attention and the demon beside him seems to be irked by this. A whip lands on his back and he smirked; this was nothing after they had been using his body as a chopping board. Somehow he thought he was already used to these kinds of tortures and torments even before he woke up in that dungeon, although he had no clue why. Had he always been a slave? If so, he must be from somewhere else.

She commanded them to stop before throwing a glare at him and flew away with her guards. He wondered what that glare was about.

He entered the iron cage without making a fuss. Why bother! The creatures soared into the air, lifting the cage along with them. It was not a most comfortable trip, what with the carriage moving left and right, and up and down. He had to hold on to the bars tightly not to get thrown around.

Guards alongside it, the carriage flew overcrowded streets, low brick buildings, between tall stone towers,  past some demons in the air. A fortress in the middle of the city, he could not see past beyond the too-high walls. As they were getting nearer to it, he could see the crimson flags and armored demons with bows ready standing by on the walls. The palace, this was where he was being brought into.

The carriage swept down to the ground, landing at the gate. Guards exchanged words, and he only caught, “Transport to the Purple Garden. Princess…”

Past towers and castles within different hedged gardens, the carriage arrived at its ultimate destination. A princess she was. He needed to start from somewhere, and she looked like a delightful start to him.


He stands at the door, surrounded by guards and looking unabashed despite the state he is in. He has such intense eyes, golden, like molten fire. Not to mention he looks so beautiful. Elysia wills herself not to look at his torso, which is covered by nothing.

“Now I get why you bought a slave out of character. You bought yourself a treat!” Clara whispers to Elysia’s ears.

Thankfully, no one else seems to have heard that bit. “What… I didn’t…” Elysia stutters, almost blushing. She clears her throat to hide her expression. “Please leave him with me,” she directs to the guards, her voice sounding a little cracked to her ears. What’s wrong with her?

One guard steps forward before leaving and hands her something. It is a velvet pouch, inside is a set of keys. Clara takes to leave along with the guards, leaving him with her alone.

Right. Now she will have to free his restraints on her own since she has dismissed the guards. “Please come inside.”

After entering the room, he settles himself down in a nearby chair without her invitation, his chains clanking. At this, she wants to raise her eyebrows a little, but well, it doesn’t matter.

“I am–I am going to open the locks.”

“Thanks, mistress,” he purrs from his seat, now making himself as comfortable as he can.

Now she can’t hide her blush anymore. She clears her throat again, “Um… you don’t have to call me mistress.”

She steps closer to him. Since he is sitting, she would have to bend down to unlock the restraints, which might lead to an awkward position.

“Can you stand up? That would make this easier I think.”

“Alright.” He stands up and now they are inches apart. He is towering over her even though she is not short. Suddenly her breathing faster, she can’t help looking up at him. His lashes are so long and dark, they are framing his golden eyes; maybe his straight nose is the most beautiful on his face, or maybe his lips shaped like a cupid bow or maybe his jaws.

“Aren’t you freeing me from these things, sweetheart?” His voice is low, the whisper nearly startling her, making her embarrassed. She was staring at him. She thinks his breathing gets louder and deeper.

Trying hard to stop her eyes going to his muscles glistened with sweat, she finds the key to the lock at his wrists. It opens at the second attempt.

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