Chapter 10

There was no way she was visible; she had even passed guards in the past. How did this happen? If she became visible here, she would be in trouble; her people can’t use magic. Whoever interrupted her is now holding her down on her back, her hands in the tight grip of his—she thinks it is a man as she can see from the corner of her eyes. Her stomach on the grass, Elysia struggles hard, trying to break free. Every attempt of hers, however, is useless.

“Princess?” he sounds amazed. It’s him! Her spell must have stopped working. She struggles harder. “Get off of me!!!”

He loosens his grip, but he bends down and whispers, “No.” His warm breath tickles her ear.

“What do you mean “No”?” While she is furious, she still notices his body heat which is almost enveloping her.

“So you have a little secret. I don’t think this is usual for you people to have this type of trick.”

“Let me go! Do you want everyone to see us in this state?!” Elysia

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