Chapter 16

The head that was rolling a while before it finally stopped, the blood splashing all over the stage, the royals delighted by the blood and the cruelty, and the entire city watching the scene like a performance; still everything flashing in her mind, Elysia swallows down the bile that is still rising in her throat, despite being back in the place where she should feel safe and at home.

Behind her, the gargoyles are growling at their handler, refusing to go to their stable. Elysia stretches her wings and takes off into the air, heading straight to her chambers, instead of going inside the tower and taking the stairs. Everything that has happened causes her to remember twelve years back when she had to start drinking the potion.

“Why don’t we just escape, mother? We can live in the forest.”

“We can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“You are only 7 years old, my child, too young to under

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