Blood Of Forgotten Memories
Blood Of Forgotten Memories
Author: Iambadc




HER LIFE here in the palace is very sad. Actually, since she was a kid, she never used to play, even in the garden. because her mother and father forbade her.

She was in her room when someone knocked on her door.

"Come in." She said loudly

"Princess Blanche, the queen wants to talk to you," Marco said. Marco is their servant.

"I'm coming, tell her," She command

"Yes, Your highness," He said

She looked first at the mirror before she went out to her room.

When she reached the queen's room, she took a deep breath before speaking.

"Why are you calling me, Mom?" she asked her mother.

The queen faced her and smiled." You here, C'mon let me hug my Princess,"

Much to her surprise, she approached her mother and embraced her.

'What's happening?' She said to herself

she was so surprised because the queen is not like this!

She parted from the hug of her mother and faced her Mom.

"Is something wrong, mother?" What is going on?

"I just want you to know, you are not young anymore and we are old. Maybe we need to marry you to the prince in the other palace."

Her lips parted. "B-But Mom! I-I don't want t-to to be married!"

"But why? Who will be with you if we're gone?" Her mother's forehead wrinkled 

"I want to marry the man I love and I don't want to marry a man, just because of the title we have, I don't want to marry just because of the gold and wealth! I'm sorry, I'll excuse myself. Your highness," She said and walked away

So annoying! She said to herself.

"You're high-" She cut the maid off

"Don't talk to me!" She said coldly

And when she reached her room, she locked the door and started crying.

"Why do I need to have this life?!" She said while crying.

She walked to the balcony and whispered.

"I wish I could go out too,"

I am so lucky, aren't I?. She said to herself sarcastically

ON THE other side, the Queen was so disappointed with her only daughter. She wants her daughter to be married because she wants her daughter to be the new queen of the Palace.

"I'm so disappointed!" She shouted

Queen Eliza doesn't know if she will shout in frustration or what

"I just want the best for her! why can't she understand that?"

She goes out to her room, while her Three servants are behind her.

PRINCESS Blanche Elizabeth doesn't know what to do.

"I want to go out" She whispered to herself

She planned to go out at night so that the queen and the king would not know.

When dinner arrived, the servant called her to eat and go downstairs 

"I heard what happened," The king said seriously and wipe the side of his lips

She bowed her head." Sorry,"

"Do not try to repeat your decision to reject the decision made for you. we just want the best for you, please understand. you're our only daughter, that's why we made a decision what's best for you," Explained the king.

"Okay, Father. I understand" The Princess said 'why can't you understand and respect my decision though?' She wants to let those words out but she choose to shut her mouth

"Good, now, eat," 

WHEN midnight came, she decided to go out to the Palace. Secretly

Making sure there was no one in the hallway of the palace, she continued until she reached their massive gate.

She hid in the tree because there were guards at the gate. Shortly after she saw the guards fall asleep she came out into the palace.

When she got out of the palace, she was so happy. As she continued walking she reached the forest.

"Wow," She whispered, she didn't notice the time.

And she continued to walk in the forest, she was very happy because even though their palace was big, she could only go to the bedroom, kitchen and library, she didn't notice that it was going to be morning

She continued walking when she bumped into... not something but someone!

"Why are you walking here in the forest? didn't you know that something could happen to you here?" The man said

"I-I didn't k-know, c-cause-" He cut her off

"Cause?" He asked

"Cause, this is the first time I go out in the palace and I am Princess Blanche Elizabeth," she doesn't like the man because he cut her off! And no one will dare to cut her off. Only this man. So she introduced herself with confidence 

"y-you are Princess Blanche Elizabeth?!" The man stepped back a little 

"Yes, Mister"

"I'm shocked!" The man said that made her chuckled

"Why are you chuckling? The man asked

"Nothing. So what's your name, mister?" She asks, this is her first time to know a man

"I'm Ch-"

"Omg! I forgot!They might know that I'm not in the Palace!I need to go Mister, goodbye," She said and run

HE WAS SO SHOCKED!" What the- oh god!"

He didn't think he would see the princess, because as far as he knew, the King and Queen were hiding her or didn't want to let her out.

He was a hunter. He didn't know if the Princess could speak Tagalog but obviously not, because he knew she only knew Portuguese, Spanish or English.

But he knew they were more fluent in English

But he can also speak with those languages. His Mother and Father taught him.

Since when he was a kid.

His father said that his grandfather taught his father to speak Tagalog so he learned it .. and when his father married his mother, his father also taught his mother.

When he came to their house, he's so tired. So he rests.

' What a day!'

WHEN THE morning came, he fixed himself and got ready to hunt.

"Son, be careful, huh?" A reminder of his mother

"Yes, mother. I will," he answered and kiss her mother's temple 

The Princess never left his mind as he walked through the forest.

"Tsk Chase, focus," he said to himself

While walking he came across an old man who seemed to have difficulty walking.

So he immediately talked to her. "Are you alright?"

"N-No, n-not me, h-help m-me, p-please h-help m-me," Crying said the old man

"Okay, okay," Chase's face was full of concern and pity

"What happened to you?" He asked. He can't bear to see the old man like that

"I don't have a family, I don't have a house and clothes and food,"

"O-Okay, so can you tell me, what happened?" He asked repeatedly

The old man said that his only daughter had died, a month ago .. he said that his only daughter was with him in life so he said that he was homeless because of the bad people in their village.

Surprised by what he heard, he felt even more sorry for the old man.

"I'll be back," He told the old man and left to do his work first so that he would help the old man to go to his house.

THE night came and he returned to the old man where he had left it but on the way, he saw a girl sleeping under a tree.

He wonders why she is sleeping there, it is dangerous in the forest because it is already dark and she might encounter wild animals.

He winced as he approached it. As he

approached, he gradually realized who it was.

Gradually the girl woke up.

"W-what are you doing here?" He asked

"Oh! Oh my gosh!" The Princess were shocked because of him "Oh no," Whispered the Princess

"You're that fearless huh? What are you doing here?" He repeated his question again

"A-Ahm .. I-I," The Princess still seemed to be thinking about what to say to her

"Get up, and return to the palace,"

The Princess's face immediately became angry and she looked at it wickedly "Who do you think you are?!"

He was even surprised when he ordered the Princess.

"I'm sorry, your highness," he shyly bowed his head

The princess stood up and looked at him wickedly and walked away, but

soon after, she saw it come back.

"What's y-your name?"

"Chase Holter, Princess,"

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