Chapter 1

WHEN the Princess left, Chase immediately returned to the old man.

He knew he didn't understand Tagalog, so he spoke to him in English.

"Do you finish your food?" He asked the old man.

"Yes, Mister... Thank you very much,"

The answer of the old man.

"You're welcome, C'mon I'll take you to our house," Smiling Chase said

"You are ... so kind," The old man said seriously while looking into Chase's eyes.

"Don't mention it.. of course, I helped you because you need help,"

UNTIL now the Princess does not know how she can enter the Palace, because their huge gate is already closed.

"This is all my fault! Why do I need to fell asleep?!" Annoyed she said to herself

She did nothing but, stay outside and wait for the morning.

After a few hours of waiting outside, she heard their gate open.

"Thank you, Lord! At last," Said the princess

She looked again at the guards at the gate when she saw that they had turned their backs. She immediately entered. Walk running she did.

She went to the back of the palace, to pass through. She remembered that the window in her room was open and she had put a long blanket on so she could go upstairs

She took a deep breath before starting to climb with the blanket into her room

Days go by and that's what she does, she goes out the window with a blanket and that's what she does when she comes back

She was very happy because no one caught her

So now she is very happy because her parents are going to an event, so she can leave for free

When her parents left, she waited thirty minutes before leaving their palace

She had been leaving for a few days and was going into the woods but she hadn't seen Chase Holter

That's why when she comes home, she feels sad again because she wanted to make friends with him, so if she have a story or problem, she would have more fun if she could talk to someone.

SOME DAYS Chase could not hunt because he got sick, so his recovery will be fast.

While lying down, he remembered the Princess again so he smiled

He also wonders why Blanche Elizabeth was not allowed to out. In the story of her mother and father, it is said that the Princess is not shown .. because the Queen and King are afraid that the princess will like someone, they don't want to because someone is destined to marry her

TSS, nonsense

FOR A FEW DAYS he has been in bed and he is finally able to return to work.

He hoped he would see the princess there again, but even the end of her dress. He did not see.

"Waiting for her?" He was surprised by the man who talked so he turned around.

When he looked to his right, he saw a man, maybe in his forty plus

"What?" He knew that the man was referring to a princess, but he pretend that he didn't know what the man is talking about.

"Tss, you're waiting for the Princess hahaha !"

"What?! Hell no!" But he was really waiting.

"Tsk, tsk .. don't me! Hahahaha,"

"Stop laughing, will you?!" Annoyed he said to the man.

"Okay, okay, my name is Charlie .. and I know that you're waiting for her,"

the man named Charlie says it seriously.

"So what?!"

"Don't be upset, the princess always comes here. And seems to always be looking for something and when she does not find what she is looking for she sadly leaves," He pretended to say sadly and then laughed again.

"W-Why are you telling me this?" He asked with a frown.

"Nothing, just a little info. Hahahaha!"

"Tss, you're crazy," He said and left there.

Is the Princess looking for something? What is that?

The Princess did NOT come out of the palace, tonight.

Because she knew Chase is not there...

So she just entertained herself with Reading

The King and Queen also went home last night. She stayed in her room and kept reading. She reads a ‘Forbidden Love story’.

"They just want to love each other, but why are they forbidden?"

She whispered. Even though she knew that the story is wasn't true, she felt pity.

she suddenly thought of Chase Holter and shook her head to get that out of her mind.

TWO days without her leaving their palace. She hasn't seen Chase for a few days .. but now, she will come out and if she sees him, she will say she wants to be friends.. with him

When night came, she did not go out immediately because the queen was still talking to her.

"Mom, how many times do I tell you?" Exhausted hope she said to the mother.

"Do you want me to get mad at you, huh?!" Her mother yelled 

"Okay, do what ever you want! Excuse me," Annoyed she said and went out of the mother's room.

She just closes her eyes to remember what her father said.

Her mother would surely tell her father about her refusal.

So she immediately left the palace, when she reached the forest, she could not hide her joy when she saw Chase there in the tree. The tree where she slept.

she sneezed before speaking. "Chase!"

Chase looked at her in shock.


IS THIS .. really happening?! Chase said to himself

"Princess?" He also calls the princess and stands up. Earlier he was sitting under the Tree.

"H-How are you?" The princess asked, to his surprise. He thought she would hurt him.

"I-I'm okay, how about you?"

"I'm fine,"

"T-That's good to hear," He said smiling.

"I haven't seen you in days or weeks," The Princess added.

"yeah, I got sick," He said with a bow and scratched his head.

"It's nice that you're okay now." The Princess said with a smile.


"I have to tell you something," The princess said so she looked up.

"What is it?" His forehead wrinkled.

"Ahm... I'm shy but I want to ask you something,"

"What is it?"

"Can we be friends? it's okay if you don't want it,"

"No, of course, I want to,"

"That's good to hear .... friends?" The Princess asked and she held out her hand in front of chase which chase immediately accepted.

"Friends," He said with a smile. He doesn't know what will happen but he accepted it wholeheartedly 

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