Chapter 2


SINCE they became friends, they have always met in a tree.

"You're indeed beautiful.." Chase whispered

"What?! I didn't understand you,"

"Oh, It's nothing.." actually it's not

It's been a week or almost a month since they became friends 

"Are you sure?" The princess asks. She literally don't understand because Chase's voice is too low

"Yeah," and he laugh

"Why are you laughing? Is there something funny?" Princess Blanche's forehead wrinkled

"Nothing, don't mind me,"

"You know? You're weird haha,"

"Am i weird?"

"Yes!"And then. They laugh

"If I'm weird, you're beautiful,"

"Huh? Thanks?" The Princess looked away when she felt her cheeks reddened 

"You're blushing," He smirks as he said that

"What?! No way!" The Princess deny it

Chase keeps on laughing and teasing her

"Will you please stop laughing?! You're annoying!" The Princess added

"Hahaha, okay, I'll stop now. I will ask you a question. why do you always go out at night?" Chase stopped laughing and ask her seriously

He notice that his question makes the Princess uncomfortable

"The truth is I'm just fleeing always, because I'm not allowed to go out," Princess Blanche answered with a low voice

"What if, they find out? What will you do?"

"I-I don't know, let's not talk about it," She force her self to smile, so that Chase will not be uncomfortable.

They had a great time that night, they talked about things, and there was a lot of laughter.

So when dawn came, he took the Princess to the palace.

When he arrived at their home, his mother immediately met him.

"Why're you still awake, Mom?" He ask

"I was waiting for you, why're you always came home late? You wasn't like this before,"

"I'm sorry Mom," he let out a deep breath and hugs his mom

He told his mother how he met the Princess from the beginning, he did not forget to tell the full details.

"You and the Princess are friends? Just be careful.. at the forest! You know it's dangerous there!"

"Yes, Mother,"

"Tsk, tsk..what if  you and the Princess could be here at night? and no longer in the forest, I'm worried..."

"Really, Mom? Okay i will tell her!" Chase is so happy. He can introduce his parents to the Princess 

THE morning came and he was in front of their house to fetch water from the well.

From the moment he woke up, there was a smile on his lips, he was just shaking his head because he looked.. what ever

What's so fun about picking up a water?

"What the heck?! Hahahaha," Chase was shock because someone talked and when he look up he saw his friend. Jose


"Why are you smiling?" Jose ask to him while laughing.

"What's wrong? Hahaha. I'm just happy, man,"

"Is that so? Okay, how's life?"

His smile widely." Happy." His life became so happy when he met the Princess

"What the.. oh men, you're in love aren't you?"

"Tch! Don't mind me hahaha, get lost." He joked

"Hahaha, i have to go Mr. Happy or... Mr. Inlove?."

"Tsk, you know what? Just get lost. I just found a friend," Then he laugh shortly

The night came and he fix his things so that he can go to the forest.  His mother gave him a bottle of water and some bread.

"Be Careful okay?"

"Yes, Mom," he smiled to his mom

As he made his way to the forest, he was night hunting because there were many hunters in the morning and there was almost nothing to catch so he preferred that night.

When he was done, he made his way to the tree where he would meet the Princess. He was happy to walk there because it was the first time he would take the Princess to their house.

'I hope she agree.' He said in his mind. Though other part of him is nervous... what if Queen and King will find out?

He was very happy when he saw the Princess carrying a basket.

"Princess!" He called the princess.

"Oh! Hey,"

"Ahm, I want to invite you to our house," He is so shy to say

Though unexpected, she agreed"I-I would love to go,"

"That's good, c'mon my mom is waiting for us!"

When they arrived, they saw mom Chase at the door with a big smile

"It's nice to finally meet you, Princess Blanche Elizabeth of Royal Palace," Chase' mom said and bow her head to gave respect

"It's nice to meet you too, Mrs Holter, "

They sat on the floor with a mat while eating strawberries, and assorted fruits brought by the Princess.

Chase felt ashamed because the Princess brought them food.

"What's with that look?" The Princess ask him while eating grapes

"Nothin' i just find you cute,"

"W-What? Haha," The Princess hide her smile

"Aw, my Princess is blushing,"

DID he just say my Princess?.

"W-What did you say?" She's still hiding her smile.. and she's know she's blushing

Chase was immediately stunned and it was as if what was said just now sinks into him." I-I said, you're blushing,"

"N-No, not that.. before you said I'm blushing,"

"Oh, that.. my Princess?"

the Princess can't hide her smile anymore and her Heart throbbed rapidly.

"Let's finish these fruits," She change the topic

When they finish, she stand up and say goodbye

"It was nice to meet you, Your highness," sincerely Chase' mother said

"So am I, I promise I'll be back tomorrow night,"

When they walking to Palace, she ask Chase

"So, are you happy?" She asked while smiling 

"Am I," Chase answered

"Me too..." she bit her lower lip 

"Oh, my childhood friend will be back tomorrow," She saw happiness in Chase eyes

"Oh, so what's his name?"

"Not his, but her.. and her name is Mira Amethyst,"

"O-Okay," She don't know why but.. she feel her heart cracked maybe because Chase has another girl friend 

"Are you okay?"

"Yes,  thank you for tonight I need to go,"

"I didn't notice that we're here haha, good night,  Princess," Chase waved his hand

When she lay down to her bed, she smiled.

She don't know why, maybe because Chase introduced her to his mother. But he introduced her as a friend. Wait. She's only Chase' friend. Yeah. Only a friend

Wait. Did she want more than friend? Oh, that's not right. Friend is a Friend and Chase is her friend only a friend.

'I'm not in love with him.. I'm not' she said to herself

So many thoughts in her head and she just want to clear all of her thoughts. She can't be in love with her friend.. it doesn't matter to her if Chase is only a Hunter and she's a Princess, she's just thinking about Chase safety, what if.. just what if. If her and Chase is in a relationship and her parents found it out. She knows what her parents can do.

So.. she can't be in love with Chase.. she can't..

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