Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"YOU'RE highness," Molly her servant called her

"Oh, hey there Molly," she fix her dress

"I went up in here to your room, but you are not here, where did you go princess?"

"M-Molly," So Molly knew..

"I know I have no right to scold you .. but you know what will happen when the queen and king find out,"

Worry flashes into her eyes

"I-I know.. but Molly, I wanted to go out, and please as my servant.. please don't tell Mom and Dad," She beg

"Princess.." Molly answered with hesitation and sadness in her voice

"Please?.." the Princess beg. She beg for fer freedom.... only to her freedom

She badly want a freedom

The night came and it was no longer difficult for her to get out of the palace because Molly had already helped her.

"Thank you So much," She sincerely say it to her servant

"Mm, be careful Princess.. I will wait for you," Molly is hesitating though she doesn't have choice. She gave water, fruits, and breads to the Princess

She immediately hurried to the forest, Chase was already there to pick her up.

"Hi," Chase greeted her

"Hello.. let's go?"


When they arrived at Chase's house, she was greeted by Mom and Dad's Chase

"Good evening," She greeted Mom's Chase also his father

"Good evening Princess.." the couple greeted her and she nodded.

Chase helps her to sit on the floor, because her clothes are heavy

"Hmm, you look so happy," She said teasingly to Chase

"Mm, I want you to meet my Childhood friend, wait I'll call her, and I will teach you how to speak tagalog," Chase said to her while he's smiling

"MIRA!" Chase calls Mira with a smile

"Chase?" The Princess heard a voice of a girl

"Come here, I will introduce you to the Princess, "

"Really? Princess?, wait do you mean Princess Blanche Elizabeth?" Mira is in shock

The woman can also speak and understand Tagalog because it is also one of the things Chase taught. They have been apart for a long time because they have moved.

Mira's parents also allowed her to sleep with Chase for two days. But they are not in the same room.

When they got out of the room, they saw Princess's head lowered.

Chase taught Mira what he learned from his parents, like languages.

"Princess Blanche Elizabeth, I want you to meet Mira my Childhood friend."

The Princess didn't seem to know what to do so she just smiled at her.

ON THE other hand, Mira was offended by the Princess's behavior.

'It doesn't seem like it wants to know me' Mira said in her mind she just turned around and gave a fake smile.

Chase once told the story of the Princess with him "Let's sit down" Chase was with him and he nodded.

"Kamusta, kamahalan?" (How are you, your highness?)

"I-I'm sorry but I don't understand you" The Princess just bow her head, she became uncomfortable

Mira didn't know but.. she smirked in her head

"You didn't tell me that she don't understand tagalog," Mira said it rudely to Chase

"Haha, of course that's natural, only a few of us understand Tagalog and she can't really understand that because we're not in the Philippines haha." Mira felt embarrassed by what Chase had said.

"I-I don't know that s-she wasn't taught how to speak that language,  the servants in the palace! They know how to speak that language!" Mira answered 

Mira is still telling her story to Chase, using the Tagalog language. she was silent 'cause even one word she didn't understand

she sneezed to get Chase's attention. Chase immediately turned to her.

"Do you need anything?"

She shake her head." N-No.. ahm nothing."

'I thought you will teach me how to speak tagalog?!.' She said to herself.

"I think I should go," She said without emotion and quickly stood up.

"Wait for me!" She heard Chase shouted

'Now I'll wait for you?! You're busy with your childhood friend right?!.'

Is she jealous?

she's no longer waited for Chase, when she got to the palace she found Molly waiting.

She just nodded at Molly and then they entered.

Until she entered her face was still bad, only now  she feel so annoyed. Just like earlier, she seemed that she want Chase's attention only on her.

Maybe it's because she's used to having all the attention here in the palace ... except for her parents.

she shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Tsk, what the hell?!.

She let out a deep breath and called Molly



"Can you teach me how to speak tagalog?" Annoyed and fast as she say it

"W-why do you want to learn that language?" Molly is wondering though she smiled

When she was a child, she was too lazy to study, especially in languages.

"Tsk!, just teach me!"

"Okay..okay, why're so annoyed?"

She just rolled her eyes.

Molly taught her easy words in Tagalog, because she really wanted to learn, she really tried to study it.

"You are so nakakainis(annoying)Molly! Why are you tumatawa(laughing)?!"


Molly speaks tagalog everytime she's talking to Princess

"Ahm, what is the tagalog of.. 'i'm angry.'"

"I taught that to you, so think about that."

"Ahm, is that.. galing ako(I'm very good)?."


"Ako ay galing?."( me is good)

Molly let out a deep breath and laugh slightly" It's Galit."(mad/angry)

"Oh.. okay, Galit,"

THE days passed and she always studied Tagalog, but her parents did not know.

When she said that, she knew they would ask her why she was studying.

she used to really not want to study that language because it was very difficult for her

"Are you going out tonight?" Molly asked

Little by little, she understands and speaks Tagalog. because she always study. But of course there is still the accent when she speaks. "No."


"Psh, because I don't want!."


"I want water Molly." She said frowning. Molly immediately went out of her room to get some water.



Finally, she will understand what Mira will say if it's tagalog but not all tagalog.. some of..

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