Brushing her hands aside, Chance stood before Melora, his chest rising and falling with the efforts of his restraint. Need raged in his eyes. Lines of strain bracketed his mouth. The corded muscles of his neck stood out in stark relief. For her.

          Her hands relaxed at her sides as Melora leaned back into the wall allowing this devastating man to take her away. And then she was in his arms, beneath the renewed assault of his kiss.

          His response was rough, scoring her lips as he pulled her into the unmistakable hardness of his ready body. Wide, strong hands skimmed across her back, her hips, her thighs in a reckless exploration that left the surface of her skin tingling with anticipation, with awareness, pulsing into the very center of her.

          It was ero

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Bella Jersey
I’m glad Melo understood what Chance was offering. Did she want it all yes but she understood. She only gets tonight and she took it

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