How in the hell was he supposed to make this work when Melora wouldn’t give a damn inch?

“Chance, I’m not giving up my job!”

          Her cheeks were flush, her eyes overbright with shadows beneath as she planted hands on hips and glared at him from across the distance of his living room.

“People work because they need the money, Melo,” he answered steadily, unwilling to be baited into a shouting match with this stubborn little demon woman carrying his child. “You don’t need the money.”

          Chance was the calm one, this time. The reasonable one. Casually sprawled in his chair, smiling his most patient, unfazed smile, his hand, all the while, discreetly flexing the tension from his body behind the arm of the wingback.

          They’d been going aroun

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what happen to chapter 29 after 30?
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Bella Jersey
Chance unless you tell Melora you love her and mean it no seduction is working

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