Kyan POV

Cries filled the birthing suite as our son was finally born. We had all held our breaths when Marabella went into labor early, and our son's heart rate dropped as her contractions worsened, only to become stuck, and he was eventually delivered by forceps.

Only when he was born he didn't cry, and a flurry of nurses ran around, and doctors rushed in while they tried to get him breathing. So when his ear-piercing scream resounded around the room. I sucked in a breath of relief, and Jonah broke down. Those few minutes were the most intense few minutes of my life. It was heart-stopping when we were only met with silence, and the fearful look on the midwife's face made my stomach drop.

The midwife brought him back over to Mara, setting him on her naked chest while Jonah and I hovered, watching over them. I thought no day would ever outmatch the day my father returned to me. How wrong I was. Our son had only been born for a few minutes, and I knew without a doubt that I loved hi

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This book is amazing my 3rd time reading it! I enjoyed reading about the kids the most they were so hilarious had me laughing a lot!!! Eziah entrance to the stadium was Epic loved it!! Wish u have a spin off ! To see the Shadow king rise & Eziah mate
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Mae Mae
I loved the story's but it seems to be rushed!
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Loved this series!

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