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Hey guys

The series is over but I am doing a spin off series, so it will continue but I am not starting spin-off series until I finish Alpha's Regret-my Luna has a son. Which is available on Goodnovel. Spin-off series will be Rose and Casen's story and also Eziah's and Baby Lucas's story. So hold tight, just don't want to write more then 3 ongoing at once. Three I can manage but anymore then that it is juggling act and I suck at juggling lol

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Fated to the Alpha series was 5 books and I am working on getting them to print.

Book 1 Fated to the Alpha is available on AMA.ZON in paperback

Book 2 Fated To the Beta is also Available on AMA.ZON in paperback

Book 3 Cursed to the Alpha end of may early June.

Book 4 blessed to the Luna is off being edited and I will also be sending off

Book 5 Her desired Alphas now that it is complete.

Also available on Goodnovel is

Tempting Darkness. Book 1 is complete and book 2 just started in it.

Although anyone wanting to read it, be warned it is DARK ROMANCE REVERSE HAREM. If you don't know what dark romance is I suggest look it up because that book has triggers. A little background info. Aleera is one girl held captive in a castle with 600 demon recruits. The 4 men that run it are her mates and they aren't nice Mates, not a first anyway, so if you read it, don't come crying about God dark it is because you have been warned.

Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son /ongoing its dark at the start but is what I call my fluff book like FTA It isn't dark romance and on the sweeter side.

Chosen by the Dragon kings /completed which is also in print on AMA.ZON Dark romance

Hybrid Series all on Goodnovel and first four books are in print and on KIN.DLE this series is also complete.

Hybrid Aria

Alpha's Unhinged Mate

Fight Between Alphas

Alpha King's Mate

My Two Alphas

Avalon City which is a prequel to some side characters in books 3-5

Savage Series

Sinful Mates on goodnovel and in print also.

sadistic mates is the second book which can be read as standalone some preferred the second over the first, but saying that the first book has been rewritten.

If you read sinful mates on Goodnovel the entire series which is three books under the one title like FTA.

Lastly guys don't forget to rate the book and drop your gems.

And keep and Eye out for the first book of the spin off series.

Taming the Alpha's daughter. Rose and Casen's story which I will kick off as soon as I finish Alpha's Regret.

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Naquita Pendergrass
I can’t wait for Rose and Casen to tell the story. I gotta know why he did what he did. Also Eziah and his mate too. Will there be a story about Marabella’s son?
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Bryttnie Watkins
the spin off started already but she didn't start with Casen and Rose. She started with Eziah.
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This book was amazing I’m actually sad it’s over and I can’t wait for the spin off

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