Chapter 14

Most of the next day, I spent in my room. This place was pretty quiet for a packhouse. Alpha Ezra popped his head in a few times to check on me, but other than that, he left me alone. Mateo, however, knocks on my door at lunchtime. I open the door and he steps in with a pizza box in his hand.

"What is it with you and pizza?' I ask him, shaking my head.

"It means I don't have to cook," he says as he flops down on my bed before reaching for the remote and flicking on the TV that was on the wall. He pats the bed beside him and I roll my eyes before walking over and sitting next to him.

"Eat!" He orders before flicking through the movies on N*****x. He finds some girly film to put on. I raise an eyebrow at him and his choice.

"You want to watch the princess' diaries?" I ask him, just as the bedroom door opens again. Alpha Ezra walks in with coke cans and places them on the bedside table.

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I love this book
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Boy she is terrified at Angie but I understand since she has no wolf yet
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Good so far. Interesting

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