Chapter 17

Ezra POV

Waking up, the entire Packhouse was buzzing with excitement as I walked down the steps to the second floor. Chatter and laughter filled the usual silence as they got ready for the day. Stopping at Katya's door, I knock and listen for movement before opening the door and popping my head in, only to find the room empty. I sigh in relief, happy that she wasn't hiding in her room anymore. Walking down the steps, I see Angie and a group of kids all huddled together, laughing, watching something on her phone.

"What's going on?" I ask, amused at their excitement over whatever it is they were watching. Angie quickly tries doing something on her phone, shielding it from me as I approach the other teens suddenly take off.

 Walking into the foyer, I see everyone scatter and Angie was still fumbling with her phone frantically when I saw the TV. My stomach drops when I see Katya on the TV

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goodnovel comment avatar
Some people are just down right out and out evil and that Angie is one of them
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s been alive almost 18 years and can’t figure out how to shower without getting shampoo in her eyes still? Like she’s 2 for 2, come on!
goodnovel comment avatar
Lilly Henwood
Is it under a different title? i cant find it but would love to read on another app, this one is driving me crazy with how much it costs to read a single chapter!!

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