Chapter 19

Katya POV

I remained in the room, not wanting to risk running into everyone. I knew they were outside. I could hear the pack members excitedly chatting about the pack run from the bedroom window. When the sunset, dread filled me. I slipped on some loose-fitting clothes, which most pack members wore when they were going to shift. At least I kind of looked the part. When it was nearly five, I was about to head downstairs when I heard a knock on the door.

Opening the bedroom door, my father was standing there in just a tank top and shorts. "Hey, Pumpkin," He says and I roll my eyes at the nickname he refuses to give up. I threw my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. Relief floods through me at seeing him. Knowing he would be by my side, I could relax a little now. He has never let me down.

"Your mother said you had an issue here today?" He says, and I nod against his chest. He kisses my hair w

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Wolfychan _16
It’s so good I love reading it so far
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Zebbie Bon
I love the book it is taking forever
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Tracey Carrier
enjoying the book sp far

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