Chapter 20

"Why did you block me out? And why are you out here by yourself?" He asks, coming over to me.

"I didn't want to be around them," I answer and he nods his head. His wolf sniffs me, pressing his face into my neck before licking it. I pushed him away, his fur soft beneath my palms, but he refused to move.

"Sorry, my wolf is a little excited," He says.

"What's his name?" I ask, brushing his fur, when he suddenly ducks his head, sniffing between my legs. I pull his head back by grabbing his ears.

"Hey, that's rude," I tell his wolf, who suddenly purrs at me and I raise an eyebrow at him.

"I am terribly sorry, his name is Maddox, will you stop that" I hear him tell his wolf as his wolf suddenly drops on top of me. I could hear his embarrassment in his voice, but he didn't seem to have perfect control of him right now.

"Is he alright?" I ask out loud whe

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goodnovel comment avatar
Yaaass!! They’re so cute!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rachel Reith
In the uk it’s legal to have sex at 16. Depends on what country the writer is from as to what legal age is!
goodnovel comment avatar
good chapter. I like how he takes his time with her

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