Chapter 21

I could see the Packhouse coming into view, see the lights coming through the trees, and was very aware of his paws on the earth as his wolf chased me down. Quickly sidestepping and darting between two trees, I knew his wolf wouldn't squeeze between, and I heard him snarl as he tried to stop before hearing him slide into the trees, slamming into them with a thud. I laughed and picked up my pace, forcing my legs faster, when suddenly the ground was gone beneath my feet as I hit the air.

A shriek left my lips as the ground suddenly opened up and swallowed me. I hit the ground with a soft thud. "Argh, that hurt," I groaned, rubbing my hip and ass where I landed on it. I look up to hear laughing and stare up out the hole I landed in. I could see Maddox pacing the hole and hear Ezra laughing in my head.

"Is the little mouse trapped?" He asked, and I could hear the amusement in his voice.

"No!" I start looking for a way

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So she does have a backbone and she likes to have fun. I like seeing her come out of her shell
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I wish I could find this book elsewhere!! Ughhhhh!!!!
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At this rate it will take 10 yrs to read. I would be more than willing to pay, but based on the points required, the book would be over $100! It’s just too much. If I could buy it for $20 or less I would.

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