Chapter 22

Mateo leaves, walking out and down the hall, leaving me with the Alpha.

"Wait, come back," I called out to Mateo, but he laughed.

"You're on your own, Kat," he sings out, not even glancing back.

"Are you trying to escape me, little one?" The Alpha all but purrs below my ear. A shiver runs up my spine at his words, and his breath on my neck makes tingles rush along my skin.

He runs his nose along my neck, inhaling my scent. My heart pounds against my chest when I feel him press himself closer, the heat from his chest seeping into my back. A little fear and nervousness at being stuck alone with him in a room seep in; it differed from being out in the open. I could escape there, here not so much.

"Why are you scared, Kat? I would never hurt you," he whispers, turning me around to face him.

He grips my chin, making me look up at him, his dazzling cara

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Zebbie Bon
this is a great book I'm enjoying the chapters can't wait until her birthday
goodnovel comment avatar
This story line is going great! Still would like to know whats up with her mom. Mateo is just a hoot!!!
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Valerie Kerr-Connor
Is Mateo also her mate...I'm feeling some vibes??

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