Chapter 24

He seemed shocked for a second before moving closer, gripping my thigh that was hooked around his waist and pressing his weight against me.

"Careful little one, my self-control isn't that good," he says next to my ear, making me shiver. He grinds himself against me, and I gasp when I feel his erection press against me.

He laughs before kissing the side of my mouth, moving down to my jaw, and he nips at my skin. I moan softly before heat floods my face at my reaction to him. He either doesn't mind or notice because he doesn't stop nipping and sucking his way down my neck.

He runs his tongue over my neck before sucking on it, his teeth grazing my skin and my back arches, tingles rushing over my body straight to my clit and my legs tighten around his waist. A purr rumbles from his chest, vibrating against mine, and I feel his hard length twitch against me through his shorts.

His lips devoured my

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I didn’t know there’s a new version- can I switch the the new from the same chapter 25?
goodnovel comment avatar
Mateo is funny
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Melvian Vie
I love the sense of humor and love bond between them. Kat fits right in with them. Thanks for the laugh

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