Chapter 25

Going back to my room, I got changed into my own clothes before heading downstairs. I really wanted to go home and grab a few things, like my sketchbook and a book I was reading. Chucking my shoes on, I walk over to the dresser, grabbing a hair tie from the drawer and pulling my hair into a ponytail before realizing I had a huge red mark on my neck. I stare at my reflection, and the red and purple blotch on my neck stands out against my skin, making me blush.

The Alpha left a hickey on me in plain view where the entire world could see it. I pull my hair back down, brushing it over my shoulder, trying to cover the dreadful mark. Great, now I need concealer for Monday, I thought to myself.

The idea of going to school and facing everyone after what Angie did made me want to puke. Maybe the Alpha will let me have a day off or drop out. I don't need a diploma. I can work at a cafe or something shitty like that, but even I knew how lame that s

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Amy Nevison
Why are these early chapters so much?? This is going to be a slow book
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Jordan Guillory
Love love love can’t wait to read more
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I really like Mateo. I'm really liking this book.

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