Chapter 26

Mateo took me home; I was hoping my parents were home, but when we pulled up, their car was gone. Stepping out of the car, I mind-link them, hoping they weren't far or were on their way back.

"Where are you guys?"

"Grocery shopping, what's up, pumpkin?" My dad asks.

"I'm at home. I came to pick up some things, but you aren't here."

"You must have just missed us, the bathroom window is open; you should have told us we would have waited," my father tells me.

"All good, I will break in then," I tell him.

"Okay, pumpkin"

"Dad, you really gotta stop calling me pumpkin."

"But that's your name"

"It's not my name, dad. My name is Katya," I tell him.

"But to me, you will always be my little pumpkin," he retorts. I internally groan, no use arguing. I am pretty sure h

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Lopez Angela
She needs a tetanus shot
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Nina Wagner
too slow or the chapters are too short. I'm done
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Canthea Beukes
can't he just told her already his her mate

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