Chapter 7: To Care or Not?

'"Sister! Wake up!"

"I don't want to!" 

"Why do you always make things difficult for me?"

"Because mom invites those people in dinner!"

"Celestine Monte! Wake up!" 

My body stood up like it was being controlled by someone. My back was straight like those military shoulders. 'Mom called me in my full name. Hah. I'm sure in trouble.

"Why are you always like this in school mornings?" Mom said as she leaned on the door of my room, her arms crossed. 

"Carla, go eat your breakfast now. I'll deal with your sister now."

"Alright! Good luck Celene!" Carla said as she dashed out of the room.

I sat back on my bed as mom moved closer to me. "Why do you hate so much that I invited them for dinner yesterday."

"Because I don't like them," I replied with hon

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