At My 100th Life Before 18
At My 100th Life Before 18
Author: Sasha


I stared at the bright screen on my phone.

[11:55 pm]


Only five minutes left before my unavoidable end. It was really nothing new to me now compared to the first time I experienced it.


But hey, dying was still painful. I'm not a freaking masochist. You could simply say, I already got used to it.

IIt's not like there is anything I could do. I just hope that it won't be as painful as the last time. Where a robber climbed into my room. And I really swear that I locked my window during that time.

But the curse really worked its magic and the robber was able to get in. When he saw that I was awake at that time, he brought out a knife from his small bag and rushed to me. He kept stabbing me all over and over again until, yep, I died.

Why didn't I try to fight back or anything? Of course, just like I said it was like a curse. I was having a fever that time that made it difficult for me to move. 


[11:58 pm]

Sigh. I hope at least I get reincarnated to the modern world again. It was really the most comfortable world I could ever wish to live in. 

Medieval times were exciting if you are so into adventuring. But what if not? It was just plain boring especially if you were born an aristocrat. No computer games, electricity, series, and shows to watch. And all you could do there was either read or travel. Or even if you were born as a mere commoner, just lighting fire using wood or heating your bathtub was a pain. 

Hmm. Though it's different if that medieval world has magic. I did enjoy those worlds with magic, seriously. But not really as much as the modern world. After all, they still don't have modern gadgets where there are so many kinds of entertainment you could do.

Then how about the Murim world? Ah, it's boring too. Especially the times you need to cultivate and still no modern technology. Though, I never really reach immortality since I always die at my eighteenth birthday, too bad. For me, being reincarnated into such a world for like ten times already was really useless. Maybe the only fun I had there was flying with swords.

Then the future galactic world? Honestly, out of all my ninety-nine reincarnations, I didn’t reach that kind of world yet or even some apocalyptic world, and I’m thankful for that.

[11:59 pm]

It really felt like I am having some sort of a countdown for New Year. But in my case, it's a countdown for my New Life. Yes, let's just call it new life and not death. It sounded depressing to call it like that.

[12:00 am]



The ringtone alarm I set for 12 midnight in my phone resounded through the whole room. I blinked multiple times then just stared at it. Sigh. Time really ran fast. Sigh. I stood up from my bed to see if any strange things were already happening to my room. And I saw nothing.

 Arghh. Just let me die already to get things over.


This was why I also hated this.


I am not sure what kind of thing would kill me this time.

*Thunder roars.* My eyes nervously went through my ceiling when I heard thunder.  Followed by the crackling sound above me.

"Ah, f*ck." I raised my middle two fingers above and the next thing I knew, "Ahhhh!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I was electrocuted by the strong current of lightning that made a hole in my roof.


 I convulsed in my bed.


I should be dead now with one strike. How the heck am I still alive?

This is worse than having the tribulation thunder.  Well, I didn't really reach that point in the murim world haha.

Seriously. I freaking, f*cking swear. The cause of my death was freaking really getting ridiculous each time. After a few more minutes, the lightning finally stopped coming.

"Please let me be in a modern world again.' Those were my last thoughts as I slumped on my already burn out bed and breathed my last.


That was how my 99th lifetime in my eighteenth birthday ended on April 22nd.

'Happy Birthday to me.' Note my sarcasm to that. When I opened my eyes again, I reincarnated once again for my new 100th life.

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