Chapter 2

"Ah!" The shrilling scream of a man echoed through the school backyard.

And without delay, my body moved on its own.

"Crap! Wrong move!"

*Boogsh!* This is just the first day and everything was a freaking mess. "Damn you." My world turned completely dark as the large gorilla used me as his fusion from his fall.


"You didn't attend the live concert earlier and now we find you here. Already causing trouble!"

I could hear a voice of a guy. And from the gist of it, his angry? Why is that?

"I'm really sorry. I didn't expect things will get this way." Ah! I know why. All of my senses were raging as I heard that very familiar voice. I jolted up my bed. But I felt my body twitched when my head throbbed with pain.

"You're awake! Are you alright?"

"Don't come closer if you still want to live!" I hissed and glared at Cylle.

He looked downwards. "I'm sorry not only did I scare you but also cause harm to you. What will I do to make up with you?" His voice quivered as if he was going to start crying soon.

*sigh* I remove the blanket covering me and stood up from the bed of the clinic. "No. It's fine you don't need to do anything. I hurt you too so were even now."

"I don't think that won't be enough," he looked at me his eyes are started to get watery. And I almost hallucinate to see he have puppy ears.

How can a man, make such expressions?

"If you want to do something. The least you could do is not approach me anymore. Let's end everything here. And don't talk to me ever again." I said and grabbed my bag from the table near the bed. Then started walking out of the room.


I halted my footsteps, and looked back at him.."But?" He seems hesitant to speak. And I'm losing my patience here now.

"If you have nothing to say anymore, I'll be going." But as soon as I turned over the knob he spoke again.

"Can we be at least friends?" He finally said.

"Can we be friends Celene?" My grip on the knob became firm as memories of a very distant past resurface through my mind. What is this guy saying all of a sudden?

"No." I coldly rejected him and went out of the clinic.

"Why?" I felt someone grab my arms again. But thankfully I manage to stop myself throwing the guy again. What is this a deja vu?

"Why we can't be friends? Simple, You." A famous good-looking lead vocalist of the Dare. "And I..." Someone who kept repeating her life and never reach adulthood... Should just stay as a nobody, a loner unseen by everyone. "Should have nothing to do with each other. So please stop bothering me ok?"

I yanked my hand out from his grip. And turned away never looking back.

I don't need anyone. I don't need attachments. Even with my family right now, I'm already conflicted on what to do with them.

I'm tired and just wanted to go along with everything. An invisible being that even if I'm there, no one will notice me. That way, it wouldn't be so painful and hurt anymore.

He didn't speak anymore. And I never looked back as I go on. That's right, this is how things had always been now. And this is how it should always be.

I stopped just right at the front gate of the school when my phone vibrated from my pocket. As I pick it up, a message from my younger sister came.

[Carla: Sis! My teacher praised me for having the best and lively introduction in my class.

BestSisCelene: Congratulations! As a price, do you want me to buy you something?

Carla: Yogurts! Strawberry flavor.]

I didn't notice the smile forming on my lips. This is one of the sweetest yet painful things to have once I reincarnated with new life. I pushed back the negative thoughts coming to my mind and replied.

[BestSisCelene: Sure. I'll buy you twelve of them.

Carla: Yeyyy!!!

BestSisCelene: See you later. Don't forget to clean the house. You're on cleaning duties today after all.

Carla: Aye! Aye! Love you sis!

BestSisCelene: I love you too.]

I turned my phone off and put it in my bag this time.

I should hurry or that little munchkin will not have enough patience to wait. I walked fast heading to the nearing convenience store. Since it's been an hour already after the school dismissal there were not many students lingering around here.

I opened the cooler and get exactly 12 yogurts. And if you're thinking if it's too much. Don't worry, Carla will not be the only one eating this. Mom and dad will get their fair share of this. That's the time my stomach grumbled. Ah. That's right. I haven't eaten my lunch yet. Damn this unlucky day. I picked some chocolates, this should be enough for now too until I get a decent meal at the house.

After I paid for my groceries. As soon as I stepped out of the store, the rain started to pour heavily. Damn! The sky was very clear earlier, why is it raining suddenly? I don't even have my umbrella today.

I went back to the store to buy the cheapest umbrella. Because I don't have time to wait for the rain to stop.

As I started walking on the cold pavement. There was a park someone will pass before they reached the bus stop. I stopped when my sight caught a child. A little girl crying, as she was shivering under the open playhouse for kids there.

I turned my feet towards her direction and stopped right in front of her.

"Hi!" I cheerfully greeted her. Well, wrong move. It seemed she got frightened by me. As she moved closer to the corner of the house.

"Who-who are you? My mom said I shouldn't talk to strangers." She said as she shivered probably from the cold.

I let out a sigh as I brought out my jacket from my bag. "Here, wear this. Don't worry, I won't do anything to you. I'm Celene." She stared at me. "Can I sit with you? Since you know my name, I'm not a stranger anymore." I asked.

She looked at me thinking before nodding her head. "Here, wear this or you'll catch a cold."

She silently accepted the jacket and wore it. But then I heard a grumble followed by the grumble of my stomach. We both looked at each other then let out a heartily laugh.

"I guessed we're both hungry." I brought the chocolates out along with the drinks. "Here, let's eat."

I gave her some which she didn't reject. "I am Gina." She said meekly. "Uhm." I just nodded my head when she spoke still quivering.

"What are you doing here Gina?"

"I am waiting Rayne. She promised me that she'll come back here, that's why I keep coming here and wait for her." She said.

"She must be a great friend if you always wait for her here."

"Yes! She's very cool! And we promise to each other to be the best of friends forever in the world."


"Did you say something, big sis Celene?" Her voice is becoming energetic and lively now.

"Nothing." I pat her head. "And you're calling me big sis now." I chuckled. She looked sideways. A faint blush forming in her cheeks. "Can't I?"

"It's alright. I don't mind" I smiled to reassure her. "Do you always come here around this time?"

"Yes." She nodded her head cheerfully. This kid. Staying alone at this time here can be really dangerous.

"Then if you want, I will also come here at this time to wait with you."


"Yes. But promise me, you will need to go home earlier from now too."


"No buts... You're lucky that I'm a good stranger but what if a bad stranger comes here and do something scary?"

"Yes. I will go home earlier." She looked down, dejected.

"Good." I patted her head again and smile. She just looked like the same as my little sis Carla. Probably around 8 years old too. We just stayed like that in silence but it seems the rain won't stop so soon.

"Rain, rain go away come again another day. Little children, little children, little children want to play."

"What are you doing?" I was surprised when she started suddenly singing.

"Singing. Rayne and I always sing this to make the rain go away."

"It's not like, it would stop just because you sing that."

"No. It works! Like magic, the rain stops. Just believe with the song. That's what she always tells me."

I tilted my head confused. "If you want you could sing with me. To see I'm telling the truth." She said.

Oi.oi. Why do I need to suddenly sing? "I can't sing."

"It's alright. You just need to follow me." Gina insisted. "Please," Gina said as she looked at me with teary eyes. Aish. Maybe it's because of my sister that I became too softhearted with kids.

"Fine, just one ok?"

"Yes." Gina raised her hands excitedly. "Then, I'll start first just follow me."

I nodded my head in her enthusiasm. "Yes, Miss."

"Ok. Here I go." She breathes deeply then started to sing.

"Rain, Rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Little children, little children,

little children want to play."

"Now it's your turn." She looked at me full of expectation and her eyes are glowing.

Sigh. "Ok..."

"Rain, Rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Little children, little children,

little children want to play."

"Wow! Big sis! You lied.  You have a beautiful voice. "

"Huh? What?" 

Gina looked at me grumpily. "As a consequence, let's sing another one but together this time, or else I'll get mad."

"Ah yes?" She started singing again and soon I follow along with her. I don't know how many times I sing just to appease her.

And soon the rain finally stopped. It almost dark too, that's why I ask to escort her back to her house which is not really far from the park.

"See! Big sis! The rain stop! Just like magic. See you again!" She cheerfully went inside her house after she said those words.

We sang for a longer time. It's no wonder the rain stopped during those times. I shook my head. "Ah that's right, Carla must be furious right now too. I should hurry home now."

Though, unbeknownst to me. That simple singing in the park were heard by some people.

The next day, I wasn't able to make excuses for my absence and found myself back in the classroom.

"Celene! I heard your singing in the park! Wahhhh!" Her eyes sparkled as she squealed in front of me. The whole class was now looking at us. Which I hated the most. Getting attention.

"Be the vocalist of my life-dream band!"

And just the second day, a new person started pestering me.

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