Chapter 4

It's been two days since the fight I had with Monica and it's already the weekend too.

I tossed the ball up and down. I just wanted to keep moping around in my room.

Yesterday's drama kept coming back into my mind. "Aishhh!" I rubbed my hair.

The ringtone of my phone rang. Where the heck I put it?

Ah right. It's in my bag. As I get my phone from my bag, a folded paper fell from it.

It's the music sheet, Monica gave me.

I crumpled it up and throw it up in the trash bin. That's right. I make it clear that I should have nothing to do with her.

I slid up my phone to see mom's message that both her and dad will be late today due to a company meeting.

I replied back with 'Ok. Take care.' And threw the phone on my bed as I slumped my body there too.

Battle of the Bands. The first round of the preliminaries will be held on Monday already.

"Even if the world is against me, I will not give up on my dream."

"Damn!" I stand up and picked the piece of paper I threw and unscrambled it.

I took a seat and read its contents. Not a bad song nor a great one too. I slumped back in my bed again, just staring at the ceiling. 

"Never give up, huh?" How long since those words came to my mouth. It still left a sweet but bitter feeling.

Sleep should make me forget about it. it's not like I'll join her just because I read her song. I closed my eyes. But then someone loud entered my room. "Celene! It's already afternoon! I'm hungry." Clara shouted.

I just waved my hand to her. "There are foods on the ref. You could eat them." I said.

"No! I don't want those! I want fried nuggets!"

"We already ate one last night."

"But I still wanted to eat nuggets now! Please cook some for me." Clara walked closer to me as she tried to pull my arms. But I refused to stand up. Aishh. I just wanted to lie and sleep all day.

"Ask Nanny Mira. She could cook for you."

"Don't you forget? It's the weekend, she's on leave. Now cook some for me now. Please, please, please."

"Aish. Fine."

"Yey!" She jumped up and down before dashing out. "Call me once it has done!" She shouted.

*sigh* this kid. I grudgingly stood up then walked out the room down to the kitchen. When I reached the kitchen, I quickly brought out the nuggets. I should some for mine too. I brought out eggs, tomatoes, and onions too.

I started heating the pan. While waiting, I washed and started cutting the tomatoes and onions. Then I break and started beating the eggs in a bowl.

Afterward, the pan is already hot, and put the cooking oil. I fried first the nuggets. After I remove them from the pan. I put the onions and tomatoes next and when it is already a little bit brown, I put the scrambled eggs and started mixing them together.

After a few more minutes my owned omelet is finally done and finished.

I prepared the table and dishes. "Carla! It's time to eat!" I shouted. "Coming!" Carla came down running from the stairs towards our dining area.

"Hey! How many times do I have to tell you, stop running while you're on stairs."

"Yes. I'll remember that." She nodded her head with enthusiasm. "Let's eat!" After we said our little prayer of thanks for the meal. Carla started eating very fast.

"You little pig. Eat slowly, or you'll choke."

"Yesh. Big...Swiss." She nodded again and started to eat slowly.

"And don't talk when your mouth is full of food." I sigh. She nodded her head again and returned back to eating heartily. I started to eat too.  Yum! I'm really such a great cook. Too bad, I'm too lazy to cooked every day. Well, Nanny Mira is not a bad cook either so it's not really a loss for me.

After we had our meal, I help Clara with her homework in the living room. And soon she started to fall asleep after we finished everything. I carried her back to her room and laid her on her bed. I then put the blanket on her. And just when I am going to leave, she grabbed my arm.

"Don't leave me, big sis. I'm scared." She said as she looked at me half-awake.

"Don't worry, I'll stay here until you wake up again."

She nodded her head and her eyes finally closed again. Soon her hold in my hand gradually lightens until she let it go. I sat on the floor near her bed. And lean my body to the side of the bed.

Now that she's completely asleep. Everything was very quiet now. "It's very quiet." Soon my eyelids became heavier and I too drifted to the dreamland.


I suddenly found myself above a cliff and just below me a waterfall is falling. And the small lake under it was very clear.

This place, why does it look familiar?

"You have an awful curse, Celene."

That voice. The voice sounds always solemn and calm. In all the world I reincarnated, I only know one person who has that voice. And this place, I finally remembered. It's my first reincarnation to a Wuxia world Xalen. And my fifth reincarnation.

As I turned around, there he was. He was wearing his usual long white Daoist attire and his long dark hair is flowing effortlessly in the wind. "Master."

I chuckled. "How am I cursed, master? I feel very fine." I lied.

His light emerald eyes looked at me seriously. "I don't know what cursed you have. But I could see clearly the balance of yin and yang around you is unstable. You'll suffer a lot. But remember to never give up and lose hope. Or else you will be completely consumed by that curse."

"Master. I don't know. But somehow I felt tired already."

"Remember that in every darkness, the light would always come. "

"But sometimes even light got absorbed to endless darkness master." I clenched my fist and looked down.

He looked at me and smiled sadly. "I hope you find the thing that will set you free from your curse, my disciple."

I don't even know what it is. Or how I even started reincarnating in the first place. I just woke up imprisoned in this endless cycle.

I bowed my head as I clasped both of my palms. "This disciple will remember Master's teachings."


A single tear fell from my cheek as I opened my eyes. Another memory again and it's in the form of a dream this time.

Why do I keep remembering things in this lifetime? Sigh.

"Curse huh?" Basically at this rate, I should also be an immortal right now but in another sense. *Sigh.* It's not like, I haven't tried anything to know what causes this reincarnation cycle. And in the end, the only thing I reached was dust.  

I turned to check on Clara. She was still asleep. Since I can't sleep, I just played with my phone until mom and dad returned home.

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