Not Odis.

“Devin,” I gasped.

Devin heard me but didn’t stop. He didn’t look up at me, didn’t even hesitate as he continued to stomp Odis into the ground. Blood spurt from Odis’ mouth and I think I heard his ribs crack. I took a step closer to stop it, to stop him. In a flash, someone was on top of Devin. Strong arms held Devin’s prisoner in a headlock and his legs wrapped around Devin’s abdomen.

I wanted to scream but it quickly died in my throat as Odis and I realized the man in front of me was Gabe. Gabe. It was Gabe and he was on top of Devin. Well, he was wrapped around him like a python ready to suffocate his prey. Gabe grunted as he continued to squeeze Devin’s head, blocking his airflow.

I wanted to cry out happily but I couldn’t. Gabe was here. Why was he here? He wasn’t supposed to be here. Things were going differently since he was alive. He was standing, breathing, his head was still attached to his body. Maybe things were turning out differently.

Maybe Gabe was safe, ma
JP Sina

The Alpha Battle begins! Who are you rooting for?

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Lebohang Makallane
I don't want Shane to die and I don't want Ethan to die until the truth comes out! Adea does not deserve either of them, she's too selfish for either of them.
goodnovel comment avatar
Team Shane. But I don’t want Ethan to die either. I’d like to see him finally have his true mate and be happy.
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Leone Cueto
Shane all day!!

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