The voices were getting louder, my head was hurting. I wanted to roll up into a ball and disappear from the world. Instead, I closed my eyes and tried to drown it all out, trying to ignore everyone. I wasn’t ready to deal with it.

“She’s in shock…”

“She’s confused…”


A door slammed and footsteps paddled quickly towards me. Soft frail arms wrapped around me. Tears soaked my cheeks and my neck as Mavy cried. Did she know? She had to know.

“Are you okay?” Mavy sobbed.

I wrapped my arms around her and nodded. The tears started up again and streamed down my cheeks. Her t-shirt bunched in my fingers as I held her close. We cried and held each other.

She inhaled deeply and froze. Slowly, she lifted her nose into the air and took another deep breath. Turning from me, she tried to follow the scent. She stopped, her gaze locked on someone, I turned and followed her gaze.

I should have known, expected it but I’d been so caught up in my feelings that I didn’t think. I don’t know how it w
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goodnovel comment avatar
I keep thinking poor Shane!
goodnovel comment avatar
Moriah Jackson
Could this be more f*cked up....
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanthale (talia)
I have to admit I thought for a second that Ethan would choose mavy. Gabe is truly a good friend.

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