I love you

Mavy fell back as if she’d been physically struck. She collapsed on the couch, her eyes watering. She didn’t look back at me, she kept her gaze focused on Ethan. I watched as her world crashed around her again for the second time in five minutes.

“Where does that leave me?” Mavy asked. “I’m… your…” she shook her head and turned to look back at Ethan. “That’s not possible. I’m… I can smell it. I can feel it. Can’t you?” Mavy whispered. I heard the desperation in her voice.

“I don’t care what you think or how you feel. I am already mated and my mate, my partner, my love, MY QUEEN sits in this room. Don’t disrespect her again.” The emotion in his voice caused me to choke up. Mavy bit into her lower lip and tears streamed down her cheeks. She dropped her head.

“Yes, Alpha,” she said submissively.

“I killed your Alpha,” Ethan said. “I’ve killed your brother.”

“Yes,” she murmured.

“Will you fight me on this?” Ethan asked.

“As the next in line, I submit to you,” Mavy whispered.

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Comments (7)
goodnovel comment avatar
Adea deserved to lose everything. The end. Unfortunately, I don’t get to decide.
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Pratt
I am disappointed with this ending. It makes zero sense. Ethan would have to reject Mavy and she’d have to accept his rejection. Adea doesn’t deserve to stay Luna & be with Ethan. He isn’t her mate. Mavy & Ethan should be together. Adea should just go away. This ending is absurd.
goodnovel comment avatar
Shelby Hyosaka
I’m so sad still. I think all fated should end up together and have their happy ever after. Area should have broken up the fight.

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