The first month back at Desert Moon had been hard. Not a day went by without us fighting. Ethan rejected Mavy as his mate before we came home. A part of me knew he was hurt about it, missed her like I missed Shane. I felt like he was only with me because I was his Luna, because of obligation and duty. I didn’t know why he wanted to be with me. He didn’t know why I was with him when I loved Shane. We were at our lowest. We were ugly, we were at our rawest.

It wasn’t until month two that we finally talked about everything. We talked bout what happened and we talked about the past. The one that I remembered and by this time, the one that he remembered. It was hard, facing the man I loved in this life and the man I hated in the past.

He wasn’t him anymore, he hadn’t been him for a long time. We dug into the past and were completely honest with each other. He fell to his knees and apologized for what he’d done even though I told him it wasn’t him, that wasn’t him anymore. He asked me if I
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Lebohang Makallane
I loved the book, but I felt like it was too long. Certain things became repetitive. Odis and Gabe's POV could've been left out as they're already expecting a book. Adea and Ethan's love making could've been summarized too after a certain point. Adea's spiraling thoughts could've been summarized too
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Shawanna McClendon
So she’s pregnant now with Ethan baby. And they are raising Shane son. So she is give them both a son. I wonder will it lead to siblings rivalry.
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Heather Munro
Loved this book ! Will there be a follow up as to what happens with Gab, ADIS and Leo as these are loose ends that I’d like to know what happens?...
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