I slowed to a stop before I walked onto campus. Everyone’s still waiting for the doors to open. I pulled out my cell phone and sent Mavy a quick text.

Made it. Where are you? I’m thankful I have the first period with Mavy. I can start the day off right every day. I glance down at my phone as the screen lights up.

*I’m waiting in the quad with Trent. Come over!*

Ugh, she’s still with him.

I step onto campus and look at the Trenton High mascot statue. It’s a huge wolf standing on two legs with ripped jeans and a six-pack. When Trenton High was built it was built by a human with a werewolf kink. I spot Mavy standing on a ledge waving at me and head over.

I see Trent and nod at him, “Hey Trent, how’s it?” “Morning,” he says. The bell rings and saves the day. “Time for class!” Mavy bounces and grabs my arm. “Later Trent!” she waves. We head to Chemistry when I see Shane and a few of his friends at the door. I avoid eye contact as we walk towards the door.

Shane’s closest friend Liam is the oldest and the nicest out of the group. He doesn’t pay attention to me and doesn’t join in when Shane torments me. He’s the shortest at 5’11” but with his blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s easy on the eyes. Devin is Shane’s right-hand man but he’s got a nasty temper. He’s got inches on his friends and he’s built like a rock. He’s sporting a brown-haired Mohawk and has dimples when he smirks. I think Shane is going to appoint him as his Beta when he takes over.

Shane spots us and hands Mavy her backpack. “Thank you brother,” Mavy says as she kisses his cheek. I shudder and look away. It’s been four years that I’ve known Mavy and Shane and I still can’t get used to how close they are. Mavy heads into class as Shane steps in front of me blocking the door with his hand. I look up at him as he cocks his head to the side.

“What did you do before school?” I look at his friends and they’re watching us quietly. “I just had to grab some stuff and I ran here.” “Hmm…” he murmurs as he moves his hand from the door.

Mavy caught me looking at the door and yelled for them to go to class. I head in and see she’s already bustling with excitement talking to Nikki about the ball. I like to keep to myself at school but Mavy’s friend Nikki was in our first period too. She always talks to her and she comes to the packhouse sometimes so I don’t mind her.

Nikki loved that I didn’t seem to have any sense of fashion. She was always trying to get me to wear something she thought I’d look good in but I always declined. Mavy would turn to Nikki to help dress me and would pair me with cute skirts and the occasional dress. So I knew what was coming with this ball.

No matter how hard I tried to focus, Shane enjoyed pestering me. I wasn’t sure how I should react to his attention. We have assigned seats in calculus, and I sit next to him. “Are you avoiding me Ady?” He said Gabe’s nickname for me enunciating every letter.

“No Shane. I didn’t have time to do my homework last night.” I whispered as Becka glared at me. “Are you excited to go to the ball?” he grabs a strand of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. He wasn’t this handsy around Mavy. “No, I just know that I don’t have a choice when it comes to your sister,” I smile. He chuckles and I still as I feel his finger sliding down my neck.

I shudder and he mistakes it and thinks I like it. He leans in and inhales, “You smell divine Ady.” I close my eyes as I feel his breath on my neck. I move away from him and I can feel the knives in my back as I avoid Becka's gaze.

“Let’s talk after class,” he murmurs.

“I can’t, I’m going home with Mavy.”

“I only need a few minutes. I have a pack meeting so it won’t take too long Ady,” he says as he sits back.

I’m not sure when Shane started having an interest in me.

When I first moved into the packhouse we would spend time together because of Mavy. We weren’t friends. He would make that clear when it was just the two of us. Recently he’s been more physical with me.

He doesn’t usually do anything when Mavy’s around but after this morning at breakfast, I’m worried. The bell rings and I run for the door. Becka trips me and all of my books fly across the floor. I feel pain and look at my hand. I look up at her as I pick up my books.

“Whoops. I didn’t see you Ady,” she snickers and heads out. Everyone at Trenton High knows that Becka has the hugest crush on him. I pick up my books and head to lunch. “Don’t forget Ady,” Shane calls after me.

Like I could forget.


At lunch I find Mavy and Nikki sitting with Shane and his friends. “Adea here! I saved you a seat,” sings Mavy. I smile as I head over with my cafeteria pizza. I sit on her left and Nikki on her right.

“So we were talking…” Mavy says slyly. “About shopping tomorrow after school for the ball. You need a dress Chika!” Nikki is not going to let an opportunity to play barbie with me slide by. She isn’t a werewolf but she’s been close to Mavy since they were kids. She’s the exception to the no telling our secret to outsiders rule.

“I’m tagging along to help find something poppin and you can bet that I’m doing your makeup.” “I don’t—” Mavy cuts me off, “You don’t have to worry about it. Daddy’s buying our clothes for us. So don’t use the ' I don’t have any money ' excuse. I got you.” She leans in and bumps my shoulder.

I roll my eyes, “I was prepared for this. I know I don’t have a choice. Just promise me you won’t make me wear something too flashy.” “No promises!” She scrunches up her nose and beams. “Seriously though. We were thinking of something simple yet elegant for you Adea. You’re already a natural beauty but I was thinking something that could highlight your curves and make your eyes pop.”

I look over and see Shane smiling at my discomfort. I’ve never been one to dress up and he knows it. “You can put makeup on a pig but will it be pretty?” he jokes and his friends howl with laughter.

"Har har. You’re sooo funny.” Mavy rolls her eyes and folds her arms across her chest. "Sike. That wasn’t nice Shane.” “It’s fine Mavy, I know he’s just kidding,” I tell her trying to defuse the situation. “Why are you such an asshole, Shane?” Nikki says as she gives Shane a death glare.

If I could only have a pinch of Nikki’s attitude I think I’d be able to tell Shane to shove it. “Come one guys, it’s almost time for class.” “Sorry sorry, I took it too far. I’m sorry Ady,” he says as he blinks fast three times.

“Mmm, I’m sure. See girls? It was just a joke.” Mavy and Nikki pout and glare at the boys. We decide to meet at the packhouse after I make dinner for Alpha and the rest of the house. Then we’ll head out.

The last half of school goes by extremely slow. I let my mind wander to the trail in the woods, to the creek hidden in the woods. My thoughts drifted to my wolf and what she would look like. Would her hair be the same color as mine or would she have her own physical characteristics?

I was pulled from my daydreaming when the bell rang and I felt my phone vibrate. I’ve got a message from Shane.

Gym. Now.

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I do not understand the need to have rape in a storyline in order for FL to be a heroine or overcome something. I just don’t.
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sad sad sad
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He can’t be her mate and Being an assh**** like that ?!

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