Good girl

*TRIGGER WARNING This chapter contains sexual assault and/or violence that may be triggering to survivors.*

Gym. Now.

I grabbed my books and stuffed them into my backpack. I pulled my hair up into a bun and headed for the gym. Breathing deeply, I tried to calm myself. The gym wasn't connected to the school so I had to leave the building and walk under the walkway until I got to the big blue doors.

I wished to be able to hear my wolf. I'm sure she'd know what to say or do. I pulled open the door and stepped into the gymnasium. It was empty and it felt eery without kids to fill the space. It was too late to turn back.

"Adea Danielle Biscoff." Shane said my full name, a sly smile pulling up at the corners of his lips. 

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Crystal Bryan
tbf, the header of the book gave all the trigger warnings of what's to come so you were warned before you started reading.
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If she is his mate, and he knows it, that’s an f’ed up way to treat her. Sexually exploiting her into accompanying him to the Ball and then assaulting her even after she agrees are not what a loving mate is supposed to do, even if he is jealous.
goodnovel comment avatar
Fireball Madison
uh oh does he think he is her mate

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