Pretty please?

"Chika! Where have you been? Nikki screamed as I walked towards her car. "Mavy and I have been waiting for you for over half an hour." She eyed my messy bun and heated face. "You look like you had fun," she purred.

Mavy stepped closer to me, "Have you been crying Adea?" she asked as she looks at my puffy eyes. "Yeah, I'm just all over the place. School's been stressful." I grab her arm and smile. She looked at me doubtfully as I pulled her into the car. 

Nikki blasted the car and played Cardi B the whole way home. Mavy and I singing "Be careful with me" with the wind in our hair. Nothing like a bit of girl time to brighten a shitty day. "I love this song!" Nikki screamed as "Press" came on next. I laughed as I watched Mavy twerk against Nikki's face.

My smile dropped when we pulled up to the packhouse gates.

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I’m still sort of interested….the first chapter was amazing, but this whole book would be easier to read if formatting was done correctly. Each new person speaking should be a new line, not just new quotations.
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Gabe knows.
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Marilyn Torres TL
this is retarded

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