As I headed to my room, I could smell his scent all over me. My body craved a shower. I made it to my room and grabbed what I needed. My room was on the small side but thankfully I had my own bathroom.

I turn on the hot water and put my stuff in the sink. Pulling my hair out of its bun and taking my clothes off I quickly hop into the shower. The hot water burned on my skin as I recalled what happened in the gym.

I scrubbed my neck and my chest trying to wash the memory away. What was that and why did I let it happen? Did I like it?

Tears fell down my face and mixed with the water. I squeezed my legs to my chest and let myself cry. Letting the water wash it all away.


I've loved reading ever since I was little. I

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hope this is not going to be dragged out for very long now that Gabe has a hint of what's going down I hope he doesn't let her out of his sight and he will catch Shane in the act.. Gabe or the New alpha will definitely be her Mate that's so clear and Shane is gonna be pissed
goodnovel comment avatar
Ugh! Devin is trash and Shane is a dumpster fire! I really hope the new alpha is desert moon is her mate and not Shane.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kandice Abbott
I need a Gabe in my life.

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