Chapter 8: The dream


The air in my lungs feels like ice as I struggle to keep running. "Run, Adea," my wolf encourages weakly. I get to the end of the hall when I swerve down the stairs scraping my shoulder against the stone wall.

I wince in pain but all I can do is propel my feet forward. The sound of growls and meat ripping can be heard from outside. I reach the bottom of the step and I can feel my wolf's urgency.

Feeling the wolfsbane still in my system, draining my wolf's strength, I push my feet to move faster fight the vomit from coming up.

Bracing myself for the locked door I crouch down and notice the white of my dress getting dirty on the floor. I charge for the door and smack into the tall wooden door pain erupting through my shoulder. 

"Please, please, please," my wolf and I say at the same time. I turn around and walk back to the stairs. Stealing my resolve, I inhale deeply as I face the door, gat

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goodnovel comment avatar
I'm so confused like WTF
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Something raped and marked her. Now she’s forced to be with him?
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
so, her mate is with her, Gabriel, and mavy when he dies. is this the alpha from the past? his son? i hope this isnt mavy's brother. that would mean he betrayed his pack.

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