Chapter 9: Shane


I woke up that morning to a she-wolf under my sheets. "Mmm fuck." I let out a quiet moan. Her lips were wrapped around my already hardened cock. She lay in between my legs and I watched as her head bobbed up and down. 

"Good morning, Alpha." she purred with her mouth full. I didn't bother removing the sheets to look at her. I closed my eyes and imagined Adea's long brown hair in my hands, her soft lips wrapped around my dick, my dick hitting the back of her throat.

I groan as I feel her tongue sliding up the side of my shaft. "Fuck." She removes my dick from her mouth and takes my balls in her mouth. She wraps her hand around my cock and I almost cum when I feel her warm tongue on my balls.

She's licking me like she can't get enough. My toes curl as she continues licking my balls like melting ice cream. She grips my cock in her hand slurps on my tip before moving back down to my balls.

Her hand slides up and down my shaft and at the

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Joann Gervais Gillam
he sounds like a poser I guess
goodnovel comment avatar
Tracey Blair Price
a total douchebag that need his nozzle ripped off!
goodnovel comment avatar
Natalie Sylver
Shane is an official SCUMBAG!!!! So far anyway.

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