Chapter 10: Adea

Shane's POV:

4 years ago

I hated hospitals. The beeping noises, the smell of medicine, the sound of high heels click-clacking on the floor. Mavy was pulling on my arm, "Hurry up Shane! You're not even trying to walk fast." "I'm coming I'm coming," I grumbled. "It's not like she's going to be awake, we've been visiting all week." She turned her head and glared at me. Pulling on my arm again.

There was an accident that left two rogues dead and their daughter in a coma. There was a pack meeting where our father saved this pup from being killed. Most packs would kill rogues when they stumble onto their territory but my father, Alpha Joshua, was kind and compassionate. 

He saw Mavy when he looked at this girl and couldn't give the order to kill her. Mavy's made it her personal duty to visit her every day since. Mavy pushes the door open and gasps, I stick my head in and see her. 

She's not laying lifeles

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Comments (7)
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Kashana Dunbar-Williams
but feeling your wolf and hearing it are 2 were different transitions to receiving your wolf and shifting
goodnovel comment avatar
Courtney R. Lee
Yea, the accident happened when adea was 13/14. After her dad got challenged and after the car accident.
goodnovel comment avatar
he's meant to be 13/14 this is ridiculous they are just kids he wouldn't even have hid wolf yet. something isn't right

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