Chapter 35

Now that the truth of why she can't shift to her dragon form has been made known to her, she desires to find out the way on how she can break free from it. It's the only way she can live a life similar to that of her kind without worry of being ridiculed. It's also the only way to bring the other half of the Heart of Magic out so finally it can be one with its missing half.

"I have given you the answer to your heart's desire. Now is the time for your second wish," Elena says as she returns to her humanoid form.

"My mother swears that unless I possess the purest of the hearts, I am not to transform into the dragon I am to become. Have I not been pure all along, why am I unable to shift? And the Heart of Magic that she transfers within me, how do I get a hold of it?"

"I am not the one to confirm. The gods are to decide and you are subject to their judgment. It took life to impose the hex and it may take your life to break free from it. Are you prepared for it?

The cold wind blows pass A
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