Chapter 36

Amira stabilizes her balance as she is pushed into another world. A world that knows no hues. Where frozen nebulas hang just meters above the head and lonely clouds bow to kiss the ground.

The longer she keeps an eye at her surrounding the clearer things appear. Lighter particles forming images of static men –some of them familiar to her – and various creatures loom out of ashen space. And there at a distance sits a beauty so ethereal yet lonely.

Wearing glitters in her eyes when she spots what she is there for, she slid out of her stance, feeling the warmth of defusing clouds on her feet as she closes their distance. "I found you!"

"Well done, Amira!"

"Come with me now and I will take you out of here," she says and clasps the Seraph's wrist but as she does so a stream of strong electric charge flows through her veins making her slink her hold. Her eyes bulge, asking for answer.

The Seraph glances from where Amira's hand touches her. The bracelet scorging heat on her wrist. "You see,
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