Chapter 37

"What have you done?" Amira snoops at her sister, who upon recognizing her, returns the same inquisition toward her.

"Amira! You're alive?" Alianah speaks of half-surprised. Though her sister's death is rumored within their kingdom, part of her believes it not to be true. After all, she is the mastermind behind such lies.

Eyes squinting, Amira sneers. "You wished!"

"Have you not missed your sister?" Alinah throws herself for a hug but halts inches away when her sister points the plank close to her neck.

"Stop playing nice, Alianah! We both know your character stinks!"

Pressing her lips with a slight frown she says, "Well, well, well! You're the same old stubborn useless sister I know. I am glad that you're still alive for it will be my pleasure to be the one to take the life out of you!"

Hungrily, she strikes her sister's wrist making the plank slip from her hold, then she slides to the side to deliver an elbow strike but Amira quickly neutralizes it with her palm.

"Only in your d
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