Chapter 38

Just as the door flings open, what seems like a strong gravitational force pulls Amira back into where the Seraph of the Heart of Magic is. Her eyes scan the place, processing the changes in her surroundings.

"Alianah..." she mutters to herself and gawks at the Seraph for answer.

"My sister, s–she is—"

Amira cuts her words when her chest throbs erratically; her hands feel for the growing pain that's ripping the inside of her. Her chest rises and her breathes fall. Just as she's trying to contain the abnormalities in her body, the band on the Seraph's wrist lights up and gradually melts into thin air, snatching Amira's attention.

The Seraph's skin tingles and her eyes sparkles. The wristlet signifying the curse and nullifying her power is gone and it only means one thing.

"The hex is broken. You made it, Amira! You have broken the hex!"

Happiness should be swirling around her face by now but she can't take it in her heart to celebrate thinking that it took two lives for her to su
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