Chapter 39

The cold breeze of fresh nature blows past Amira and slips through the hem of her dirty-red knee-length dress. The soft touch of passing wind on her skin snatches her out of her reminiscence. Her heart is broken, shattered in pieces after knowing her lover is already tied with another woman. She may have gotten the Heart of Magic but completing her mission will mean not much to her now that she can't go back to be with Hasham.

A bitter-sweet smile crosses her face. She holds her head up, fighting back tears from falling. Then she feels someone's hand on her shoulder.

"Your mission is almost over. What's the next thing you'll do now?"

She throws him a sly smile. Though her motivation has run dry, she is still willing to finish what she has started. Perhaps after this mission, she will live a life in the mortal world until her heart recovers from the pain and until she becomes ready to face her kind.

"I am going to leave the Heart of Magic to where it originally belongs; to where it wi
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