Chapter 40

Amira's eyes narrow, skeptical about the man who's wearing a lopsided grin across his face. He is wielding a ball of lightning from the Heart of Magic; his eyes are glued on it, glistening with great desire. "Finally, I have you back in my hands!"

Amira doesn't feel good about it and in her hoarse shaky voice she asks, "What are you planning to d-"

Her words are cut short when the ball of lightning hits the side of her, tearing across the grassy ground she's standing up seconds ago. She jerks back at the impact and stumbles on the ground. She glares at Kian with scrutinizing eyes, brows snap together. She can hardly believe what he just did. "Did you just try to kill me?"

Kian throws him a once-over look. "Hmm... If that's what you think it is." There is no single sign of regret on his face and it triggers Amira's emotion.

"Give me back the Heart of Magic!" she demands as she stands on her feet, but Kian just turns his back like he has not heard her say anything. Lifting the Gem up
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