Chapter 41

Slack sitting like a frog by the seashore, Bruce throws on a pebble that slashes over the shallow to deep jewel-blue sea. The pebble plops as it thwarts with the rippling waves, snatching the boy’s thoughts again. “There’s really something that I should be remembering but I can’t remember. It’s stuck in my head and I can’t pull it through. Grr!” grumbles the kid.

“I feel you bro! But what could that memory be?” Miguel rests his elbow on Bruce’s shoulder as he puts on a thinking face.

Since early morning when they rise from sleep, they’ve been trying to pull out a memory from their head but their mind seems to be playing Whac-a-Mole with them. At one point, they will spot it on but quickly it disappears.

“Tss. You just probably forgot to wash your assess after defecating!” Missy bubbles while randomly picking seashells along the coastline. The two boys’ ears wiggle. They are just a few meters apart from Missy and it’s hard not to miss what she just said. When she finally realizes tha
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