Chapter 43

Roasted and burnt. The smell mixes with the air and flies across the atmosphere. Amira's nose titters as the pungent smell enters through her nostrils. Her senses are awakened and before even realizing it, she finds herself standing in front of a great devastation she wouldn’t want to see.

Her heart sinks seeing a town down in ashes. Roasted men scatter everywhere. Smoke evaporates from their blacked bodies. The horrifying tragedy leaves not even a single life around. Amira's heart slashes in two at the sight of a poor woman with a newborn baby on her arm. Behind the lady were three more kids, all burnt out and lifeless. She can only imagine their struggle and how they ended up that way.

‘Who could have done this?’ she asks herself. She’s unable to grasp how one can be so heartless. ‘Was it… Argon? How can he do this! Does he even have a heart?'

Though in her veins, run the blood and soul of a dragon, the very same creature that created the horrible sight in front of her, she can't
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